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The Party Scene From Return

Hey Everybody,

Thought I’d Do It Again! Here’s another scene that didn’t make it into the book. Thought I’d share. Happy Monday!

After the release of the first cut scene from A Lover’s Return, I thought I’d share more. I’ve heard from a lot of you who really enjoyed the lost pizza scene so… As I’ve said before, the book was running so long over 120K words, so there were things that I thought I should cut.

This is not a spoiler scene, but if you haven’t read the book…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?? Seriously, this won’t spoil it for you. Read and enjoy.




History- We’ve Got To Share The Adventure

So this is me chiming in about an outstanding movie I saw weekend before last. Talking with a co-worker this morning, I realized I never sent out the blog post I wanted to write. We were discussing a history teacher in another county over that was fired for teaching outside of what is ‘required’. We discussed how little what is ‘required’ runs parallel to what is ‘uplifting’.




I thought about the film ‘Free State of Jones’ and the fact that this was another history lesson that must have been too uplifting to meet the levels of required teaching. Free State was the true story of Newton Knight a Mississippi farmer who decided that he was sick of fighting in a war that would only benefit slave owners. I saw the movie with a friend and afterwards we went on about how we’d never heard a lick of this story. My friend; who reads ALL the time and ALL sorts of material, couldn’t believe this one had slipped by her.



I won’t go into overwhelming detail here, I just wanted to speak out about the film and encourage you to take your kids to see it. Chances are they won’t get a whiff of this in their history classes. There are so many stories like this that have been lost in time. Whether the lack of instruction; on these relevant slices of history, has been intentional or unintentional it doesn’t matter. The point is that we’ve got to start educating ourselves so that we can let the generations coming up behind us know that there’s more to who we are than what we’ve been told in school. Knowledge is power and its benefit on young minds can be phenomenal.  I was blessed to grow up in a house with lots of books and with parents who discussed much of the history my sister and I never got in school. Still, I continue to uncover information in films such as “Amazing Grace” and in books such as “They Came Before Columbus” by Dr. Ivan Van Sertima. These discoveries make the learning process a true adventure. They are adventures I hope we can all learn to appreciate more and share with young minds.

My Sleeping Giant…


Hey Guys,

Not quite sure that it’s accurate to say that I’ve never written an interracial romance novel. After all, the Tesanos were an interracial group, right? I must admit that I’m kind of confused by the whole multicultural and interracial designation which is weird considering how long I’ve been in this business and how many of my titles are listed in the multicultural romance section. I could say that I’ve never written a BWWM novel, but that’s not accurate either considering Lover’s Allure and A Lover’s Sin where our heroine Darby Ellis travels to Scotland and meets our dashing hero Lord Kraven DeBurgh…

I guess I consider “Intoxicated” my first foray into the IR genre because it’s coming onto the stage as a standalone (not for long, I have 3 more titles in store). As for Kraven and Darby, they were already a part of the Ramsey Tesano world by the time I delved deeper into their story.

Regardless of all that, I decided to launch a new site and new pen name-Ally Fleming- following the completion of my newest release “Intoxicated” Book One in the Sleeping Giants Series.


Don’t worry, I’m not writing exclusively as Ally Fleming, but when this idea hit I knew I wanted to explore it and see what unfolded. I’m very pleased with the results and hope you guys will give it a read and let your reader friends-who enjoy interracial romantic suspense- know if it’s worth their time.


Toodles & Love Until Next Time,

AlTonya aka Ally

The Pizza Scene from “Return”

Hey Everybody,

This scene didn’t make it into the book. Thought I’d share. Happy Friday!

I’ve heard from so many of you fanatics about all these withdrawals you guys are going through since the release of the final Ramsey Tesano title “A Lover’s Return” The book was running so long over 120K words, so there were things that I thought I should cut. I guess it’s safe now to share some of those items and give those who need it a quick fix.

This is not a spoiler scene, so if you haven’t read the book…WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?? Seriously, this won’t spoil it for you. Read and enjoy.




The Ramsey Boxed Set Releases



At long last I’m marking long-awaited tasks from my to-do list. The Ramsey Boxed Set is one of them. Those of you who have asked about the series being released as a boxed set can now locate and download it to your preferred reading platform whenever the mood strikes.

The set contains all ten titles of the Ramsey Series from “A Lover’s Dream” to “Book of Scandal: The Ramsey Elders”

For readers of the saga, please also direct potential readers to this package when recommending the series.

Thanks Bunches & Happy Reading!



Nominate “Secrets In Love”

Novel Thoughts


Hi Everyone,

My Kindle Scout Campaign for my next contemporary romance “Secrets In Love”, starts today! Use the link below to check out the campaign page and treat yourself to a sneek preview and more. Nominate Secrets and if it’s selected everyone who nominates gets a free copy of the complete work sent to their device on release day. That’s it!

Secrets In Love Campaign Page

Thanks for your nomination!!


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4/20 IT’S E-BOOK RELEASE DAY!!! A Line From The World of “Eternal”

This all went beyond being attracted. Lilia knew herself well enough to know she wasn’t herself when she was with him. There was something else at work between them when they were together. Lilia wondered if Fystian sensed that too.- Lilia Avery, “Eternal”


4/20 IT’S E-BOOK RELEASE DAY!! A Line From The World of “Eternal”

He believed Lilia would accept the monster and the man. And when the monster overcame the man? What then?- Fystian Akintunde, “Eternal”


4/18 Lines From The World of “Eternal”

“I believe in what’s been uncovered. I’m just not sure if what’s been uncovered will explain how we’re actually supposed to accomplish what we’re meant to do here.”- Mathias Akintunde, “Eternal”


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