A Letter From A Hero…Frayzer Guthrie

** Feel free to view Fray’s typed version below ;-)**



There are things you just know. Some things you can never be surprised by. Of all the things you know and can never be surprised by, you can always expect to be surprised by the way they choose to collide. I al-ways knew Ellia Taylor was the woman I loved-that she was the only one I wanted-would ever want. I think I would’ve known that even if we hadn’t been raised together. I knew that, just like I knew the hatred that lived and breathed between our families would one day ruin us.


That hatred spanned generations-from the time of our ancestors settling on New Island. It was a hatred that had absolutely nothing to do with the people it came to affect the most. None of that mattered when every-thing hit the fan that night. The night that was supposed to be our be-ginning, became our end.


Things have a way of changing, though. Wrongs have a way of righting themselves if you watch for the signs. I’ve learned to read signs pretty well. If you watch close enough, ways can be righted in a number of ways. An apology, an embrace…is all it takes. If you’re lucky, those that wronged you get what they deserved. I’ve learned not to wait for luck. Vengeance is far more dependable.



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