Black Panther- The Film, The Beauty, Its Message

This has been a heck of a week! Had to get some work done this morning so I’m trying to buckle down. However, before I get started with delving into the world of my heroes and heroines, I needed to post this blog. It’s been a while since I’ve posted about the movies. Anyone who knows me knows I’m a hardcore movie lover. My love for the art form covers a wealth of genres and time periods and I can pretty much talk to anyone at any time about any number of films. In short, I’ve seen A LOT of movies in my 40+ years. Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING made quite the impact that my screening of Marvel Studios Black Panther made on me when I sat in the theater with my son on Friday afternoon (yes we bought advanced tickets!!) and visited the land of Wakanda.



So much to cheer for in this film. For those of you waiting to see it (WHY??!!) No seriously, I get it- wait til all the pandemonium dies down (may be a long wait, but whatever floats your boat). Seriously though, this film was so BEYOND- Beyond Amazing, Beyond Stellar, Beyond Excellent… it was just stunning.

Director Ryan Coogler brought a lot to this film beyond the spectacular effects, costuming and outstanding cast. He brought messages. He inspired many-especially the youngest members of the audience who may just be getting into superhero movies or movie watching in general. For those members to be witnessing a film, an outstanding one, featuring an almost entirely black cast… I can’t imagine the impact it will have. Coogler presented a wondrous depiction of my people as Kings, Queens, Princesses, Warriors… all of the roles that have been consistently omitted from the narrative of our history. In Black Panther, we received so much more than the usual depictions we’ve come to expect from our characters of color…What kind of affect will this representation have on those young minds? It will be a bright, wonderful one- of that I’m certain.


Another thing that stood out for me- and I’m not sure if this was an intended message- but it connects to the tendency for many of those who have ‘made it’ to forget either where they came from or what they can do to bring others along in the world. That message seemed to reverberate throughout the Panther story-line. The consequences of not acknowledging the plights of our fellow man were boldly referenced in Black Panther. I wonder how many who see this film will not only catch those messages, but will intentionally apply the changes they impress upon us to make. Wakanda is a fictional place, but the unspoken beauty of such a world…I believe that’s something worthy of being pursued.


Now there are no spoilers here but; as superhero buffs, my son and I noticed a lot of people leaving the theater as soon as the credits started to roll. He was certain that a lot of people came to the movie having no clue about how these films work. So FYI- don’t leave when the credits start to roll and stay until the end of ALL the credits-especially those of you who are familiar with the running plot-line. There are 2 additional scenes. Movies are expensive folks- get your money’s worth!


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