The Author In Me…

A few months ago, it was the librarian in me striking back with new endeavors on the horizon. The librarian is still doing her thing, but the author is definitely in the race.

September Writer


Imagination & Unpredictability Are The Ingredients Of Dynamic Stories”.

This quote still holds true for me, but I think it could stand a little tweaking. How about- “Imagination, Unpredictability & Happy Readers Are The Ingredients Of Dynamic Stories”. You guys have always motivated me and you continue to.  Hopefully you’re ready to dive into where my imagination has taken me.

First up on the publishing spectrum is a new Tesano story. I say ‘new’ because this title won’t really require any substantial re-reading. “Lover’s Life” has been crafted as a standalone. Of course, any knowledge of the series will certainly make for a richer reading experience. A re-read of the entire series is NOT necessary though. I’d really only suggest Black Island and A Lover’s Return as those provide the most detail about our main characters Brogue Tesano and Marcella Cannon.




Marcella Cannon had always felt like a fish out of water-the oddball girl in a family of men. The girl who preferred reading to shopping…for a while anyway. When her address changed to Black Island, the girl she had been changed too.

Brogue Tesano didn’t feel that his life exactly changed upon his move to Black Island. Instead, it had merely shifted into its rightful lane. He wasn’t a nice man-didn’t come from a family of nice people. The island- the horrors he’d witnessed and been a part of had done nothing to discourage the choices he’d made- the choices he’d would’ve continued to make until by chance he met an angel in the midst of hell.

“Lover’s Life” will release on Tuesday, September 19th.

With so close a release date, I won’t bother with all that pre-order stuff. “Life” will mark the first of 4 (and only 4) installments. I also won’t be bothering with any preview reads either. “Life” will be a meaty story, but in terms of length, it will be on scale with Black Island-so not full novel length. The reason for this is, there are other pieces of info that need to be introduced and in other stories that will follow this one. Those titles will include “Book of Scandal-The Tesano Elders” & “Feast of Fantasy” which will release Spring 2018.

Fall 2019 will mark the release of Brogue’s & Marci’s full length story: “A Lover’s Redemption”.

**For you non-Ramsey/Tesano readers, never fear. November 2018 I will present the first in a new African American family saga suspense trilogy. Stay tuned for more on “Tradition”.**

Thanks Guys and, as always, Enjoy the Romance!



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  1. says:

    Hi Al. Will this book be available on Kindle?

    Deborah C Brown


  2. altonyasblog says:

    Hi!! Yep it sure will!! 🙂

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