Librarian vs. Writer!!

The Librarian Strikes Back

So most of you know that I’m one among many librarians who also enjoys a side career as a writer. For years, it’s seemed my librarian side and writing side have been in serious competition and my writing side was seriously pulling ahead. I guess my librarian side got a little sick of that and decided to push back.


This month I started a new librarian position that has brought me more responsibility. A LOT More! I’ve spent the last couple of weeks taking in so much new material it has literally made my head spin. In a good way. I’m very excited about this new opportunity in my life, but with every good thing comes a little that’s less than good. I’m not about to announce my retirement from the writing world, but I should let you guys know that my output may be a little less than usual. I have no idea what the future will bring, but I’m still writing. Right now, I don’t feel that I’ll be slowing down anytime soon, but just want to keep you guys informed.

Right now, I’m stretched a little further than usual and I know a lot of that is due to the learning curve I’m in the midst of. I appreciate you guys bearing with me. I feel very blessed to have this opportunity. Some of you know I’ve been going through a bit of a struggle lately. I’m looking forward to more changes, improvements and responsibilities taking shape. Some of those changes will be taking place in my writing career. I’ll be loading up a new release calendar soon-still waiting to hear back on a couple of projects to determine whether they’ll be ones I’ll have published traditionally or independently.

I’m very excited to have two new Kimani titles coming out next year. It’s a bittersweet situation as I’m sure many of you know about the changes that line is going through. Still, I’ve had a wonderful ride with the Kimani folks and have enjoyed bringing those stories to my world of readers.

The Tesanos Are On The Way!

Lover’s Life featuring Marci Cannon and Brogue Tesano will be releasing in the fall. My plan is to follow up with the Tesano Elders. Following last year’s release of A Lover’s Return, I had the chance to delve into lots of projects I’d been putting off. I think you guys are gonna be surprised at some of the things I’ve penned, but it’s been refreshing and quite the confidence builder. Thanks to those of you who have added The Caterer’s Wife to your reading lists. I so enjoyed penning that short mystery, that I’ll probably release another in the fall as well.

As I stated earlier, I’ll be sharing a writing calendar soon. Items there will include the release of Defined from my Sleeping Giants series by Ally Fleming and Tradition Book 1 in my new Family Saga Trilogy featuring the Guthries and Taylors of Charleston, SC. I’ve also penned my first adult paranormal romance, tentatively titled The Warrior’s Gift. This is a project I’ve wanted to delve into for years. I’ve had the chance to not only delve into it, but to complete it. More on that to come. Definitely on tap for release next year for all my T. Onyx fans: Pleasure’s Possession– the sequel to Pleasure’s Powerhouse and the conclusion to the Ruler of Perfection series. The title for that story is still under consideration.

Thanks for hanging in there with me guys. I’ll keep you all posted as more developments unfold.

Be Blessed & Happy Reading,



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shantal Y. says:

    Hi Al,

    Congratulations on your new position! You are truly awesome and if anyone can find the balance between two careers, that person is YOU! Professional development and nurturing your passions are important.

    I of course want as much of your work as I can get my hands on but totally understand. I truly appreciate that you care enough to share this update with your readers.

    I am looking forward to more Tesanos, super happy that we’ll get more from T. Onyx, Ali Fleming and all the other goodies you will release in the future.

    Be well and pace yourself.

    Happy Reading and WRITING!

  2. altonyasblog says:

    Hey Shantal!! My life has now truly become a whirlwind! Don’t worry, the next title isn’t too far away! I really hope you’ll be pleased!! Take care and have a HAPPY Fourth!!!

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