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April 2017


Hi Everyone,

Here Is New (Lower) Pricing For Some of My Backlist Titles-

Including the Ramseys & T. Onyx:

Read & Enjoy!!


dreams_pretense (1)Dream & Pretense: The Ramseys (Books 1&2)- $2.99

iStock_000005389711MediumElders Book of Scandal: The Ramsey Elders- $3.99

abstract fire on blackLover’s Allure: A Ramsey Novella- $.99

MP900446754WA Ramsey Wedding Novella- $.99

Taboo Tree NEWTaboo Tree- $3.99

Eternal_300DPIEternal- $2.99

Layers (516x680) (516x680)Layers- $.99

layers_sequelLayers of the Past- $3.99

when_ice_meltsWhen Ice Melts- $3.99

HeartWhat The Heart Wants- $2.99

MixedMixed Signals- $.99

???????????????????????????????????????Timechange- $.99


T. Onyx Titles

PowerhousePleasure’s Powerhouse- $2.99

TruthTruth In Sensuality- $.99

PERFECTION COVERRuler of Perfection- $.99

At this time some digital titles are not available on the Nook platform. My apologies for the inconvenience. I will keep you posted on new developments.


Al Direct for Al’s Readers

The link below will take you to Al Direct on the new Al’s Readers Site.

**Those of you on my mailing list already have some info-here’s a little more…**

Products on Al Direct will be hosted by the Payhip platform. Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning Amazon. The Al Direct store that I’ve been trying to put together for a while now, will be the spot where you’ll find those projects I consider a little more off the beaten path. Projects like my (long ago) debut Audiobook Another Love, soon to be released future titles like my upcoming whodunit “The Caterer’s Wife” and installments of the Swept series featuring fan fiction type vignettes with some of my familiar heroes and heroines. AND A FEW FREEBIES TOO!!!!

I’m still debating on whether to release the introductory novella here for Brogue Tesano and Marcella Cannon- details to come…

I hope you’ll visit the store and download your copy of Another Love. My beta testers have reported that the process is super easy but wanted you to be aware that Another Love is a 16 chapter e-book meaning there are 16 files to download. Not exactly ‘Audible Easy’, but still not too bad, considering the list price is $3.25. For those of you who purchase audio books, you know this is a steal!

I also tested the process and it was pretty swift. All orders are handled by Paypal.

Listen & Enjoy The Romance!


FYI- I haven’t abandoned my main lovealtonya site either, I’m just being notoriously late getting it updated, but updates are on the way. As always, stay tuned…

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