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March 2017

Stay Tuned…

Many of you have been with me since the early days back in 2008 when I decided to do something completely off the wall and publish the rest of the Ramsey series on my own. Back then I had no idea where this thing was going, but you guys provided the most incredible motivation. Fast forward to 2010 and I was doing something else completely off the wall-taking charge of fulfilling my own print orders for “A Lover’s Soul” which was the last Ramsey title before the Tesano crew appeared on the scene. Again, you guys provided incredible motivation…and A LOT of work for one person autographing and shipping a ton of orders alone. Now fast forward again-2016 and the arrival of Ally Fleming. It’s now 2017 and guess what?-Another off the wall move.


Discovering the world of independent publishing has allowed me more freedom to create the kinds of stories I want to write and ones I hope you guys will enjoy reading. So far-enjoying-is exactly what you all appear to be doing and I love you for it!! Now, that freedom of creation is pushing me to seek more freedom in other areas. I’m excited to tell you that my search has paid off. I’m won’t bore you with more details now- No, it’s not a new RT title…yet- just stay tuned.  It’s a new endeavor that mingles old with new and oh yeah-it’s just a little off the wall. 😉

Swept Away…By Some Familiar Faces…


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only author this happens to-not being able to let go of old characters. Now, more than ever I’m grateful that so many opportunities exist for writers to bring their ideas to the readers who make what we do worth all the effort.

For those of you who’ve been with me since the beginning, you may remember my debut couple Trinidad Salem and Dominique Carver from Remember Love. A few years ago, I re-released their story in Remember Love Redux. Now, Trin and Dom are back with a new story.

Swept: Trinidad & Dominique is totally new and presents the vignette entitled “The Interview”. Don’t expect a continuation of Remember Love. Swept contains a completely different story-line. Trin and Dom are just meeting.  Only a few things remain from the original story.

Swept: Trinidad & Dominique is crafted as a short, romantic read. The entire work is less than 60 pages. In addition to the short story itself, letters from the hero and heroine are also included.  My hope is that readers- new and old- will add this to their collection for a quick break time read. “The Interview” gets rather steamy in places, but I don’t think it’ll be too much of a distraction for your day…maybe a slight distraction- tee hee 😉

I do hope you’ll enjoy this and look forward to other Swept installments featuring more familiar characters in unfamiliar situations.

Toodles & Love,


Swept is available in e-book format.

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