Oscars 2017


It was a statement year for the Oscars and the golden gentleman certainly made one. Unlike years past, this year’s awards saw an increase in African American performers and films being nominated and taking home the prized statue. There were tremendous achievements on Oscar Sunday, but we shouldn’t forget that the struggle is far from over. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the show was excellent- Kimmel and Damon were a gift that kept on giving. They kept me laughing throughout the night.AWARDS

Yes, it was a great show despite the infamous ‘envelope-gate’ which had a happy outcome in my opinion. Though I was rooting for Hidden Figures, I’m thrilled that Moonlight took home the top honor. It’s unfortunate that such a high moment proved such a low one for the La La Land crew. There’s no excuse for the humiliation they suffered-totally careless and sloppy on the part of the Academy.

I write an Oscar blog every year, but I’ll keep things brief this time around. Viola Davis should’ve been in the running for Best Actress not Supporting. While I’m not sure what the rules are for such things, perhaps Mahershala Ali should’ve been in the lead actor category as well. Whatever the case, Viola’s role was clearly leading actress caliber. So why the supporting slots? I could name several reasons…

There’s still work to be done before performers of color are on a more level playing field. (Some changes in who actually votes and tallies the votes, for starters, maybe?) We’re progressing, but let’s not be so focused on the dazzle that we forget the crap still being shuffled underneath. It’s shameful that so often these awards have little to do with who truly deserves them and more to do with…everything else. Fill that in with whatever you choose. I’m sure it fits.

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