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May 2016

The Ramsey Boxed Set Releases



At long last I’m marking long-awaited tasks from my to-do list. The Ramsey Boxed Set is one of them. Those of you who have asked about the series being released as a boxed set can now locate and download it to your preferred reading platform whenever the mood strikes.

The set contains all ten titles of the Ramsey Series from “A Lover’s Dream” to “Book of Scandal: The Ramsey Elders”

For readers of the saga, please also direct potential readers to this package when recommending the series.

Thanks Bunches & Happy Reading!



Nominate “Secrets In Love”

Novel Thoughts


Hi Everyone,

My Kindle Scout Campaign for my next contemporary romance “Secrets In Love”, starts today! Use the link below to check out the campaign page and treat yourself to a sneek preview and more. Nominate Secrets and if it’s selected everyone who nominates gets a free copy of the complete work sent to their device on release day. That’s it!

Secrets In Love Campaign Page

Thanks for your nomination!!


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