4/18 Lines From The World of “Eternal”

“I believe in what’s been uncovered. I’m just not sure if what’s been uncovered will explain how we’re actually supposed to accomplish what we’re meant to do here.”- Mathias Akintunde, “Eternal”

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4/13 Lines From The World of “Eternal”

For a reason she couldn’t name, she felt a sense of rejuvenation. For a second, she wondered if it was because of Mathias Akintunde’s presence.- Amaya Enson, “Eternal”

4/11 Lines From The World of “Eternal”

When he chose, he could open a gateway into anyone’s thoughts. Wasn’t it ironic that none of that  worked with Simone Garwin, the girl whose secrets he was most interested in knowing?- Caspian Akintunde, “Eternal”

4/6 Lines From The World of “Eternal”

The faint command filled her ears and summoned her to awaken.  Wait-command? She was never…commanded to reach for a reprieve. She was only compelled- compelled to see things she could only escape when she was awake.-Simone Garwin, “Eternal”

4/4 Lines From The World of “Eternal”

Her thoughts went back to the accident. She should have died that night. Still, she let her parents believe what they would. They would surely think she was crazy if she told them what she knew had happened.- Kaisha Weaver, “Eternal”