7 Things… AlTonya’s “Eternal” Q&A with a Curious Mom


Hi All!

Recently, a curious mom posed some very interesting questions about my upcoming title “Eternal”. I’m used to getting awesome questions from my readers, but I thought I’d share these since these inquiries are related to a novel that many of you may have similar questions about. I know there are lots of you who don’t read YA or New Adult (wish they had something in between) but my hope is that you may decide to indulge once you have a bit more information about what the story entails.

“Eternal” is now available in print. Coming to Kindle: April 20, 2016.


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Now! On To The Questions…

  1. Is “Eternal” a YA or New Adult novel? “Eternal” doesn’t fall comfortably into either of these genres but since there isn’t a Mature YA listing (yet) I will probably have it listed as both. I say “Mature YA” because the youngest characters are in their late teens (17+) Some of the “younger” characters only appear to be in their late teens but are considerably older (immortal). As a result, there is a more ‘adult’ feel to the storyline and that makes me hesitate to offer it as only a YA title. Labeling it only as YA, might draw very young readers to a story that; while educational in many respects, may still hold themes that are a tad bit over their heads. Additionally, there are several adult characters that have a rather robust purpose in the plot that enhance the more mature aspects of the story as well.

2. Is “Eternal” a vampire story? No. While the hero and his siblings look 17 they are considerably older. They are not vampires, but gifted members of a tribe whose lineage is far more ancient.

3. If my 17 year old reads this will they need a dictionary to figure out the words? They might at some point and if they do, I’d consider that a good thing because it shows that they are intrigued enough by what they are reading to want to understand it better. I often tell the story of my introduction to the romance genre at age 13. My mom is a retired teacher who back then was very concerned when she realized I was reading those kinds of books. When she saw the dictionary I kept on hand each time I grabbed one of those novels, she wasn’t quite so… on edge about me reading them because I was at least building my vocabulary. 🙂 An additional benefit of them reading material that may, at times, go over their heads is that they are more likely to ask you to help them clarify aspects of that material. This is an opportunity to engage in healthy and lively conversation with your reader. 🙂 🙂

4. What is the intimacy level? Right now, the intimacy level is a solid PG. Any consummation of the relationships is written in such a way that it is assumed. While there is some detail, it’s not the kind you’d find in a full romance novel. This is primarily because of where we are in the story right now. As the series continues, you will see the intimacy levels heighten-though I have no plans for the detail to reach that of a steamy romance. Still, this is another reason why I’m hesitant to strictly label “Eternal” as a YA novel.

5. From the preview read, the story seems to incorporate some teen angst/drama. Will that aspect of the story be prevalent throughout the entire book? While that dramatic aspect is vital to the storyline, there are a host of other elements at work within this plot. The ‘drama’ between Fystian, Lilia and their crew will escalate in danger and suspense as more of the novel’s plot is revealed. What you see in the preview read are the beginning stages of attraction between the story’s hero and heroine. This attraction holds a specific relevance not only for Fystian and Lilia on a personal-romantic level-but to the overall plot and its antagonists.

6. Is this primarily for younger readers or will I (a mom in her 40s who loves some YA) be able to relate to it as well? Great question! When I started drafting “Eternal” it was a story that I’d intended to write for a target audience along my son’s age-at the time he was still in Elementary school. As my research led me to more information, a new story took shape and it moved far beyond the children’s book I’d intended to write. I was, at the time, becoming more of a YA fan myself. I loved the talent certain authors had for crafting stories targeting the ‘Mature YA’ age group and featuring characters whose storylines appealed to older readers. I’ve written “Eternal” with that goal in mind.

7. Is “Eternal” part of a series? “Eternal” is not yet part of a series, but I do have plans for 2 more stories in this line. However, each book will presented as a stand-alone that will focus on a different aspect of the plot. Many of my loyal series readers know that I don’t slow down subsequent titles with a wealth of previously stated information. However, each new ‘Eternal’ title will be complete with brief recaps throughout the story to refresh certain details.

Happy Reading!


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shantal Y. says:

    Thanks Al for sharing more details. I’ve been looking forward to this title as I do all of your books. It’s great that you offer us an array of genres with your writing. It is another testament to your awesome talent!

    I have used YA and mature YA titles to have interesting and much needed discussions with my niece. I am confident from what you’ve shared that I will recommend this to the older and younger readers in my life. Wishing you much success with Eternal!

    1. altonyasblog says:

      Hey Shantal! Thanks for the recommendation. I do hope it’ll be a compelling read across the board. 😉

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