A Cloud’s Silver Lining??



Amazon Exterior-Shared

As a traditionally published author it has been relatively easy to have my books placed in actual brick and mortar bookstores. It’s been the same on the library front with my traditional titles having a spot in the romance fiction sections. Little work has been done on my part to secure these placements. They occur primarily because of who my publisher is, but also because of my beloved and dedicated readers who visit the circulation desks of their local libraries and request such placement. I am also, however, an independently published author. Things in Indie World work a lot differently. A LOT DIFFERENTLY. On my own, I’ve had modest success with securing library placement. I’ve had less than modest success, securing bookstore placement.  As authors, we continue to strive to break through those hallowed brick and mortar walls often to no avail.

To no avail has special meaning in terms of the Indie author who published via Create Space. I’ve worked with Create Space almost since the beginning of my Indie career. They put out a professional product and are easy to work with. Sadly, there are tons of bookstores that have standing rules not to carry work published via Create Space. Why? Well…Create Space is owned by Amazon and if you have no idea how much some bookstores loathe Amazon, call ‘em up and ask. Some stores flat out tell you that the company (Amazon) is trying to run them out of business so they refuse to carry any work that benefits them on principle. While I understand why stores might take such a stand, it’s the (Indie) authors who suffer the most through all this.

Now, it seems that there may be an actual silver lining in the cloud that has held its placement over the Indie world. Amazon has opened an actual brick and mortar bookstore in Seattle Washington. I know I’m not the only Indie author out there who hopes this means the end of struggling to get Indie titles in an actual store. I called the new Amazon store out in Seattle and posed this question to one of the store associates. He told me that at this time they may be carrying one or two titles released by Amazon publishing, but no more than that. He says that’s where things stand for the moment, but that could definitely change.

I’m so hoping that changes.  For now, I’ll just start trying to plan out a trip to Seattle-the home of the Ramseys.

More About The New Amazon Store


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Denise says:

    That would be cool. Bookstores need go make that money.

    1. altonyasblog says:

      I hope this will mean great things for the Indie author, but time will tell… 🙂

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