7 Things… AlTonya’s “Eternal” Q&A with a Curious Mom

  Hi All! Recently, a curious mom posed some very interesting questions about my upcoming title “Eternal”. I’m used to getting awesome questions from my readers, but I thought I’d share these since these inquiries are related to a novel that many of you may have similar questions about. I know there are lots of…

A Cloud’s Silver Lining??

    As a traditionally published author it has been relatively easy to have my books placed in actual brick and mortar bookstores. It’s been the same on the library front with my traditional titles having a spot in the romance fiction sections. Little work has been done on my part to secure these placements….

Paperback Now Available!

Hello All, Just a quick note to inform all you print lovers that A Lover’s Return is now available in paperback! My apologies to all you hard copy people for taking so long to get this out there. Hill & Persephone appreciate your patience. Lover’s Return In Print Toodles, Al