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December 2015

The Ramsey Tesano Series- In Order

Greetings, I’m re-blogging the following post for the convenience of a few requests. Happy Tuesday!


Hello All!!

I’m getting quite a few emails from folks needing to know the order of the series, so I’m posting here in order to have a quick point of reference for everyone. Thanks and Happy Reading!

Series List…

A Lover’s Dream

A Lover’s Pretense

*** Books One & Two now available in one book/ “Dream & Pretense: The Ramseys”

Read A Free Excerpt***

A Lover’s Mask

A Lover’s Regret

A Lover’s Worth

A Lover’s Beauty

A Lover’s Soul

Lover’s Allure

A Ramsey Wedding

Book of Scandal- The Ramsey Elders

Lover’s Origin

A Lover’s Shame

A Lover’s Hate

A Lover’s Sin

Lover’s Christmas

Vestige- A Ramsey Tesano Novella

A Lover’s Debt

A Lover’s Control

Lover’s Origin- Black Island

**Upcoming Titles**

A Lover’s Return

Book of Scandal- The Tesano Elders

Happy Reading!!! 😉


Resuming Ramsey Tesano Weeks

Hey Guys,

Apologies- I totally dropped the ball with my Ramsey Tesano weeks posts that I started a few months back. All was well until I got deeper into the series conclusion and then…well…Hill just started demanding all my time! Give me a break-he’s a pretty demanding guy but I think he’s satisfied now.

Anyway- I wanted to chime in and let you all know that I definitely plan to resume those posts but chances are that won’t happen until the new year. It was such a treat seeing you guys drop in to discuss your favorite couples. As for Hill and Persephone I’m still in full proofing mode. Yes, this book is taking a ton of reading and re-reading to ensure all i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed. Folks there are A LOT of i’s and t’s! Presently the work stands at just over 120k words…

Return has required more supplies than any title I’ve written to date-with the exception of Passion’s Furies and Taboo Tree…maybe. I think this one has surpassed them-take a look at what I’ve gone through so far…

1 Ream (500 sheets copy paper) for the rough draft

12 blue Papermate Pens (maybe more…I think I lost count) between the outline and rough drafts.

1 College Ruled 5 subject notebook & 4 Legal pads for the 2nd draft

Yeah…I’m a writing fool and I fully enjoy it!! Hope you guys will find the read equally enjoyable.




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