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November 2015

A Lover’s Return- PreOrder Announcement

Hi All,

A Lover’s Return is now available for Pre-Order.**


Visit Your Preferred Purchase Platform To Add This Book To Your Collection.

**For those of you ordering from Amazon- you may notice that product details list the book being around 126 pages. I have NOT loaded the final draft-as I’m still proofing the story. The book is way longer than that, so don’t panic. Amazon requires a draft of some sort to be loaded before they make the book available for pre-order.

Print Format will not be available to order until Jan. 12, 2016.
You guys have been so patient and fabulous-it’s truly appreciated.


Just checking in!

Hey Folks!!

I know I’ve been MIA from the blog for quite a while-it’s been for a good cause-the Ramseys & Tesanos of course.

This isn’t a message to torture you with more snippets, just to let you know to look for a pre-order announcement this month.

Book releases 1/12/2016!




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