Six years in the making and the time is almost here. I’m so thrilled and so happy to finally be done making ready this next project. Some of you know that I’m a huge fan of the YA genre especially of the contributions made in the teen paranormal realm. I can’t speak to how many titles in this subgenre are crafted by African American authors or that feature AA characters. I only know that when I’m browsing for new reads, I don’t see nearly as many as I’d like. I was actually hoping to craft this title for my then 8 year old son; in hopes of sparking a healthier love of reading, when the project turned into something completely different and I decided to make a contribution to a genre that’s quickly become a favorite. Eternal is that result. I do hope you’ll find the preview read as intriguing as the cover by artist Melody Pond. Click on the cover for more.

Eternal releases April 20, 2016 and is now available for pre-order on most device platforms.

NOTE:  Nook and Kindle readers, you’ll have to wait just a while longer before I’m able to open pre-orders for your platforms.


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