Ramsey Tesano Weeks Starts Now!

As the Ramsey Tesano series winds down, it’s time for a little reflection.

Starting in September, gear up for Ramsey Tesano Weeks.

Tune in Anytime and Anywhere you like to connect with me online for a special discussion post featuring your favorite sexy, suspenseful couples. Share your favorite scenes, one-liners or just tell us why you love these people so much!!

😉 First On Deck…Come On… Do You Really Need A Hint? 😉



HIS quietly assessing, deceptively laid back manner drew her in the moment she found him outside her door. HER drive and determination to uncover a decades old family secret caught his attention almost as powerfully as her exotic, amber gaze and heart stopping curves.  That dynamic is but one of the reasons the premiere couple of the Ramsey Tesano Saga is such a force.

Now, it’s your turn- don’t be shy.

Tell us why you love Quest and Michaela in one word… or as many as you need 😉


12 Comments Add yours

  1. sharonwhales says:

    Quest and Michaela in one word captivating!!!!

  2. Carla Jones says:

    Unbreakable! !

  3. Tasha Grant Smith says:

    Quest and Michaela set the stage for the entire series. The amount of love that these two have for each other is AWESOME!!!!

  4. Denine Cheeks says:

    Quest and Mick in one word….LOVE. My favorite one liner is really a thought from Mick….”If he snaps his fingers the panties will come tumbling down!”. My other favorite is Quest’s thought of….”All his thoughts revolved around taking her somewhere and making love to her until she can’t walk!” And then he did! These two are so deeply and passionately in love and it’s a beautiful thing.

  5. Deborah F. says:

    Powerful attraction from the start. He knew upon their first initial meeting she was the one. And her ability to differentiate from his brother, he never did figure it out.

  6. Cynthia says:

    Quset and Mick set the stage for this great series! He’s powerful and protective of his family. She’s intelligent and strong and a force to be reckoned with and and soothe his soul. They’re hooottt together. I love their love of family!

  7. Shantal says:

    Hmmmm, Quest and Michaela are my #1 ranked couple of all the Ramsey ad Tesanos. There are so many words that can encompass them as a couple and individually…How about…awesome, inspiring, sexy, beautiful, fierce, strong, protective. They are perfect for each other.

  8. Louise says:

    The attraction and the chemistry between them was Awedome from the very beginning and i couldn’t wait for the next book.


  9. Gladys J says:

    The attraction was mutual and their love is real.

  10. RomanceFanInBR says:

    One of myfavorite Michaela’s scenes is when she gets drunk in her hotel room and Quest takes care of her. And for Quest it has to be when he watches the dance performance at Michael’s home.

  11. Nicole Walker says:

    The glue that holds them altogether. It seems if they fall apart, no one knows what to do without them. My one word for them:Forever.
    That’s how strong there bond is

  12. Twanda Hagins says:

    The First Couple………they are the example of what real love should be…….love all the couples!!!!

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