Outlander Finale…Can You Handle It?


Outlander Blog


Fans of the Starz show Outlander have been voicing their opinions following last Saturday’s episode. The show, based on the series by Diana Gabaldon, has become a favorite with fans of the book series as well as new fans who are just being introduced to this world rich with history, tradition, love betrayal and depravity. If you’re not a fan of the show or you just haven’t caught all the episodes yet, no worries. This post will not contain spoilers. However, last week’s episode and the fan’s response are what motivated this post.

Having not read the books yet, I had no clue what was to occur last week. I only had a warning from a post on twitter that fans may be disturbed by the episode. I read the article and thought I had a clue of what was to come given what had already transpired over the course of the season. Of course I was still poorly prepared for the actual viewing-which, by the way, was outstanding-difficult to watch, but outstanding!

Fast forward to fan reactions following the show. The majority of the comments I read commended the show’s writers and producers. I also commended them for remaining true to the author’s voice. I’ve said this several times while watching this show that every author should be blessed to have their work portrayed so beautifully. The Outlander show really is a work of art-there are so many elements to it and the creators do a marvelous job of bringing it together so seamlessly.  Of course, from what I’ve heard about the book series, they have wonderful material to work with.

Given that, I was very surprised by the comments that swayed to the negative. The appeal of the Outlander TV series is a testament to the show’s writers remaining true to a literary work that is without question immaculately scribed. I often say that ‘imagination and unpredictability are the ingredients of dynamic stories’. Such is definitely the case with Outlander. I dare say that I would enjoy this series (as I suspect I will come to enjoy the books) were it not so rife with its odd twists and turns, not to mention the obstacles that befall the story’s hero and heroine. I actually came across comments where fans said that this was TV and not a book and the creators should not have followed the story so closely. Really?

As a writer, I know how difficult it is to put your main characters through harrowing ordeals, but again this is all a testament to unpredictability-an ingredient that can make the reading experience especially fulfilling. Ms. Gabaldon’s readers have shown how much they approve of the unpredictable nature of her work. I suggest some fans of the TV show need to get a handle on their outrage. The creators aren’t apologizing for remaining true to the foundation the author has established. Either hang on or jump ship now. I think I’ll hang on. If season two is half as explosive, I definitely don’t want to miss what’s to come.


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