I’ve posted this video to Facebook, but realize not all my wonderful readers are connected with that form of social media and I so want you guys to share in this with me. You’ve all been so supportive and so in love with the stories over the years and I want you guys to know how much you mean to me- it’s such a motivator and I hope to be presenting you with stories for a long time to come. Thank You!!

This acceptance was recorded because I cried all over the place the night I won and couldn’t get the words out. Thank again for letting me share!

Emma Awards Video Acceptance


Al 🙂


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  1. Shantal says:

    Congrats Al! Cry all you want…happiness is to be shared. I’m glad the trip to Dallas was memorable and you deserve the honor and the award! Thanks for sharing, especially for those of us that were not able to attend. I’m glad you took your son and I think it’s awesome that you won with him present! That way he can see how much readers love your work and that the time spent creating is well received.

    Be well and keep giving us more characters to love (or hate!).

    All the best!

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