Caiphus Tesano…Naughty or Nice….?

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“I’m never gonna be able to eat at that table without having the best memories.”
            “Eat at it?” SyBilla raised her head from the pillow the next morning and fixed Caiphus with a stunned glare. “I’ll never be able to look at it again.”
            Her words sounded horrified enough, but she couldn’t resist laughing when Caiphus did. SyBilla’s laughter however was first to taper off. Caiphus noticed, but kept his eyes closed and continued to relax on his side of the bed. He didn’t need to look her way to know she was remembering and debating.
            “Don’t over think it yet, Bee,” he urged, a lazy smile adding to the sultry quality of his mouth. “I’ll give you plenty to think about soon enough- trust me.”
            “Give me plenty to think about?” SyBilla was again stunned. “And exactly what have you been giving me all these years?”
            “I’ve been trying to give you good reasons to give me a chance, Bee.” His tone was soft and in a manner far removed from its usual playfulness.
            SyBilla looked down on her hands clasped in the middle of the pillow. “You have a strange idea of good reasons,” she said.
            “Bee…all I’ve done, it’s been to-”
            “Protect me, I know,” she drawled. “It’s the motto of the Ramsey and Tesano men- to protect and possess at all costs.”
            Caiphus winced then and, at last, opened his eyes to fix Bill with an expression of phony dismay. “Possess…you know that word has such a nasty undertone.”
            Bill raised a bare shoulder. “Truth can be a nasty thing.”
            “Possession has its benefits, though.”
            “Ha! For the possessor. For the one being possessed, it’s a pain in the ass.”
            “That’s only if the possessor is psychotic.”
            “Ahh…” SyBilla rolled to her back, tucking the sheet beneath her arms. “But the line between possessive and psychotic is a thin one.”
            Grinning, Caiphus turned on his side to prop his cheek to his fist and look down at her. “You shouldn’t be so hard on your cousins and my brothers.”
            “Well, well,” Bill snuggled her head into a pillow and smiled teasingly. “Distancing yourself from your associates, huh?”
            Caiphus’ brilliant stare eased from SyBilla’s face to study the sheet she’d secured at her breasts. “I agree there’re times when we all get a little riled up about things.”
            “What times?” The teasing light remained in Bill’s eyes.
            Much of Caiphus’ attention was given to the sheet he tried to finesse loose with gentle tugs to the intricately stitched edges.
            “What times?” She slapped at his hand.
            The reprimand didn’t deter Caiphus. “It’s hard to put a finger on one right now…I’m a little distracted in case you haven’t noticed.”
            “Try,” Bill busied herself by wrestling the loosening sheet from his grasp.
            Caiphus emerged the victor, nevertheless. Taking advantage of the spoils, he bowed his head to pay homage to the first nipple he revealed.
            “Cai-mmm…” SyBilla pushed more of the lucky bud into his mouth.
            Caiphus suckled the tip, surrounding it with his tongue and then rounding out the act by just barely grazing the nub with his teeth. The erotic technique was played out over the course of a few seconds that were most effective in wiping Bill’s mind of coherent thought.
            “Ahh…I’ve got one,” he released the nipple he sucked into a rigid gem in favor of returning to their previous conversation.
            SyBilla was of course, too pleasure-preoccupied to respond.
            “Bee?” Caiphus grew insistent then. “Did you hear me?”
            “Yeah…yes, yes…” her response was of the affirmative that he not cease the attention he gave to her nipples.
            Caiphus was of a mind that conversation wasn’t the least bit out of place then. He spoke over one nipple while stroking its twin beneath his thumb. “As I said,” he paused to bathe the nipple with a few slow laps from his tongue, “I think I can pinpoint a time when things may’ve gotten too riled.”
            “Mmm…” Bill arched her breast, wanting more of it in his mouth.

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  1. brendatashia says:

    Caiphus is being Naughty

    Brenda Lang

  2. Victoria says:

    Caiphus Tesano is naughty!!

  3. keicia white says:

    I think Caiphus is being deliciously Naughty!! 🙂

  4. Louise says:

    Caiphus is very NAUGHTY…………..

  5. Tasha Grant Smith says:

    This has to be hottest scene of the book!! I Love this couple and this series!!!!!

    1. Tasha Grant Smith says:

      Caiphus is Naughty x 10

  6. Debora Kess says:

    caiphus should be 80% naughty and 20% nice

  7. Shamae Crosswhite says:

    Caiphus is naughty

  8. Deborah Fortner says:

    Caphius was definitelyy being naughty!

  9. Cynthia Miller says:

    Very naughty! Yes!

  10. Sherika Williams says:

    He’s being Naughty Naughty Naughty!!!! heeeheee

  11. Tisha W. says:

    Caiphus is definitely Naughty!

  12. Shantal says:

    Caiphus Tesano is NAUGHTY beyond words…and that just makes him perfect for his little Bee!

  13. Donnie Robinson says:

    Caiphus was very naughty

  14. Caiphus was naughty for real!!!

  15. Tiffany W says:

    Caiphus is naughty!!!

  16. stephaniebartley1 says:

    Caiphus was being naughty….

  17. Josie Scott says:

    Caiphus was Definitely being naughty but very Nice to SyBilla.

  18. Kay E. says:

    Caiphus is being naughty.

  19. Angie Lane says:

    Caiphus is Naughty but sounds like SyBilla enjoys it

  20. arwade says:

    Caiphus is very naughty!

  21. arwade says:

    Caiphus is very naughty but in a good way!

  22. Denise Stokes says:


  23. Darlene Mitchell says:

    Caiphus is beyond Naughty…More like Deliciously Naughty

  24. Chesna Barrett says:

    NAW TAY ! ! ! In the most NICE way ! ! !

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