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December 2014

Black Authors Network Holiday Showcase

Hi Everyone,

Below, please find information regarding Monday Night’s Show. Hope you can join us!


Christmas Present Wrapped in Gold and Silver

There are Two More Nights For The BAN Radio Santa’s Helper Showcase/

Part I Airs December 15, 2014. Authors Are:




Part II Airs December 16, 2014. Authors Are:


9:00   D.J. McLAURIN


CALL IN NUMBER IS:  646.200.0402




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Spotlight On- The Perfect Present: A Brown Girls Kids Book

Jackie Lee
 Operation: Santa is Real
Max and Mickey are twins who share everything! A love of sno cones, video games, and Christmas…especially Santa Claus. But Max no longer believes in Santa and Mickey is on a mission to convince her brother that Santa is real. But when her plan backfires, Mickey may find herself on Santa’s naughty list. And when all is said and done, the M and M twins will learn what really matters when it comes to celebrating the season.
Friending the Grinch
Jasmine can’t seem to find her Christmas spirit. A new girl named Jayla has stolen her joy, and some of her friends. Between her conniving and lying, Jayla is ruining Jasmine’s life. But Jasmine is the only one that can see Jayla for the Grinch that she is. Everyone else is fooled by her sob story of a tough life. Can Jasmine get her family and friends to see the truth? Or will Jayla help her discover a few things about herself?
 The Littlest Elf
Kylie is small. The tiniest elf in Santa’s workshop and she can’t seem to do anything right. After nearly ruining Christmas, she finds herself wondering if she will ever be good enough to work for Santa. Following a worldwind adventure, she finds that she was closer to the answer than she thought. Join Kylie as she discovers the real meaning of Christmas!



JaJackie_Lee_ckie Lee is a lover of the letters and the arts. She has starred in three theatrical productions produced by Cherie Garland. She portrayed Crystal in “The Christmas Present,” Glenda The Good Witch in “The Wiz” and the Ballerina in “One Night With a King.” Jackie’s love of arts also extends to church. She participates in the praise dance ministry at her church. She utilizes her musical talents as a clarinet player in her local elementary school band. Jackie can often be found at various literary events assisting her mother and guest authors. She also enjoys journaling and making sketches in her notebooks. She resides in Virginia with her parents and siblings. You can follow her at @leewriterjackie on twitter



MorgaMorgan_Billingsleyn Billingsley is a seventh grader, who loves writing, acting, swimming and volleyball. She enjoys helping out and making people laugh. Everyone who knows her, applauds her nurturing heart. Morgan can often be found assisting her mother, ReShonda Tate Billingsley at book signings. She is active in her school organizations and serves as secretary for her Teen group in Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Follow her on Instagram @c_momo_b



Ten yeGabrielle_Simonear old, Gabrielle Simone attends Pulaski Academy College Preparatory School, where her teachers describe her as hardworking and passionate about learning. She is the student council representative for fifth grade, plays both basketball and soccer and has a personality bigger than life. The confident young writer is also the daughter of young adult author Celia Anderson. Having grown up tagging alongside her mom at book signings and lectures, it’s no surprise that she has become interested in the art. Gabrielle says that one day she would like to attend Stanford University in California, but that may change as she grows older. Currently she resides with her mother in Little Rock, Arkansas, enjoys playing dress up, singing and playing with her American Girl Dolls. She lists both her mother and maternal grandmother, whom she affectionately calls FeFe, as the people who have influenced her the most.


Caiphus Tesano…Naughty or Nice….?

Hey Guys!!! Today is Day 8 of the Naughty or Nice Tour. Please post in the comment section if Caiphus is being Naughty or Nice to SyBilla. Remember to be eligible of an Amazon Gift Card you must post before 10 pm est tonight. Good Luck!
LOVERS CONTROL iStock_000000225574Large
“I’m never gonna be able to eat at that table without having the best memories.”
            “Eat at it?” SyBilla raised her head from the pillow the next morning and fixed Caiphus with a stunned glare. “I’ll never be able to look at it again.”
            Her words sounded horrified enough, but she couldn’t resist laughing when Caiphus did. SyBilla’s laughter however was first to taper off. Caiphus noticed, but kept his eyes closed and continued to relax on his side of the bed. He didn’t need to look her way to know she was remembering and debating.
            “Don’t over think it yet, Bee,” he urged, a lazy smile adding to the sultry quality of his mouth. “I’ll give you plenty to think about soon enough- trust me.”
            “Give me plenty to think about?” SyBilla was again stunned. “And exactly what have you been giving me all these years?”
            “I’ve been trying to give you good reasons to give me a chance, Bee.” His tone was soft and in a manner far removed from its usual playfulness.
            SyBilla looked down on her hands clasped in the middle of the pillow. “You have a strange idea of good reasons,” she said.
            “Bee…all I’ve done, it’s been to-”
            “Protect me, I know,” she drawled. “It’s the motto of the Ramsey and Tesano men- to protect and possess at all costs.”
            Caiphus winced then and, at last, opened his eyes to fix Bill with an expression of phony dismay. “Possess…you know that word has such a nasty undertone.”
            Bill raised a bare shoulder. “Truth can be a nasty thing.”
            “Possession has its benefits, though.”
            “Ha! For the possessor. For the one being possessed, it’s a pain in the ass.”
            “That’s only if the possessor is psychotic.”
            “Ahh…” SyBilla rolled to her back, tucking the sheet beneath her arms. “But the line between possessive and psychotic is a thin one.”
            Grinning, Caiphus turned on his side to prop his cheek to his fist and look down at her. “You shouldn’t be so hard on your cousins and my brothers.”
            “Well, well,” Bill snuggled her head into a pillow and smiled teasingly. “Distancing yourself from your associates, huh?”
            Caiphus’ brilliant stare eased from SyBilla’s face to study the sheet she’d secured at her breasts. “I agree there’re times when we all get a little riled up about things.”
            “What times?” The teasing light remained in Bill’s eyes.
            Much of Caiphus’ attention was given to the sheet he tried to finesse loose with gentle tugs to the intricately stitched edges.
            “What times?” She slapped at his hand.
            The reprimand didn’t deter Caiphus. “It’s hard to put a finger on one right now…I’m a little distracted in case you haven’t noticed.”
            “Try,” Bill busied herself by wrestling the loosening sheet from his grasp.
            Caiphus emerged the victor, nevertheless. Taking advantage of the spoils, he bowed his head to pay homage to the first nipple he revealed.
            “Cai-mmm…” SyBilla pushed more of the lucky bud into his mouth.
            Caiphus suckled the tip, surrounding it with his tongue and then rounding out the act by just barely grazing the nub with his teeth. The erotic technique was played out over the course of a few seconds that were most effective in wiping Bill’s mind of coherent thought.
            “Ahh…I’ve got one,” he released the nipple he sucked into a rigid gem in favor of returning to their previous conversation.
            SyBilla was of course, too pleasure-preoccupied to respond.
            “Bee?” Caiphus grew insistent then. “Did you hear me?”
            “Yeah…yes, yes…” her response was of the affirmative that he not cease the attention he gave to her nipples.
            Caiphus was of a mind that conversation wasn’t the least bit out of place then. He spoke over one nipple while stroking its twin beneath his thumb. “As I said,” he paused to bathe the nipple with a few slow laps from his tongue, “I think I can pinpoint a time when things may’ve gotten too riled.”
            “Mmm…” Bill arched her breast, wanting more of it in his mouth.

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