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November 2014

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Movie or TV For Ramsey Tesano

Hi Everyone,

This post is for those of you not on Facebook or Twitter who may have missed the call for character input to my submission page on What is iflist?

I actually came across it via a tweet that was sent by another author- writers can submit their proposals for their work to be considered for a movie or tv series.

Anyone- readers, writers, fans whoever can visit the site and lend their support or even chime in with who they think would be the best fit to play the literary characters they love.

I hope you’ll take a moment to check out the site- it’s a lot of fun and there’s no money involved! Your support really does matter and helps to get the work noticed. Also, it helps authors like me who don’t envision actual actors in my character roles as I create them. This info will go along way as I move closer to making the Ramsey Tesano Saga a visual reality. 🙂 🙂

Visit the site and search for “Dream and Pretense”. That’s It!!


Al 😉

The Ramsey Tesano Cast List

Hello- For those of you about to embark upon the latest Ramsey/Tesano adventure, you know that it takes the efforts of quite a few people to help me tell these tales. Below is a list of most of the folks who make appearances (or are mentioned) in the upcoming title “A Lover’s Control”. This list can be found at the end of both the digital and print copies of the new work, but I wanted to post it here as well. I do hope you’ll enjoy the ride!

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**If there’s someone you feel should be added- please comment!**

Al 😉

A Lover’s Control- Character List


Aaron Tesano– Eldest living Tesano brother. Uncle to Hill, Isak, Smoak & Caiphus.


Bashir Cannon– Operative of Vestige Organization, SyBilla’s first team captain.
Briselle Ramsey– Married to Westin Ramsey. Daughter is SyBilla Ramsey.
Brogue Tesano– Deceased son to Gabriel Tesano.


Caiphus Tesano– Youngest Son of Roman & Imani Tesano/ Hero of A Lover’s Control
Candace Strong- African American Love Interest of Pitch Tesano.
Carlos McPhereson– Married to Dena. Works with Moses Ramsey.
Carmen Ramsey– Sabella’s mother. Ramsey Elder- youngest daughter.
Casper M’Baye– Member of Evangela Leer’s Black Widows group.
Catrina Ramsey– Married to Damon Ramsey. Sons are twins Quest and Quaysar Ramsey.
Contessa Ramsey– Married to Fernando Ramsey. Michaela’s best friend & publisher.
Crane Cannon– Yohan Ramsey’s biological father.
Cufi Muhammad– All around bad guy. Responsible for transport of kids to Black Island.


Damon Ramsey– Married to Catrina. Sons are twins Quest and Quaysar Ramsey.
Daphne Ramsey– Deceased. Married to Houston Ramsey. Mother to Dena & Taurus.
Darby DeBurgh– Married to Kraven DeBurgh. Nile’s Best Friend & Art Promoter.
Dena McPhereson– Married to Carlos McPhereson. Brother is Taurus Ramsey.
Dreck Eamon– Operative of Vestige Organization, Bashir Cannon’s best friend.


Evangela Leer- Leader of Black Widows crime group. Illegitimate Daughter to Marcus Ramsey.


Felix Cade- Sabra’s father.
Fernando Ramsey– Married to Contessa. 2nd son to Marcus and Josephine. Brothers Moses & Yohan.


Gabriel Tesano– Tesano Elder. Uncle to Caiphus & his brothers.
Georgia Ramsey– Sabra’s mother. Ramsey Elder- eldest daughter.
Giselle (Guiya) Tesano– Gabriel Tesano’s deceased wife. Brogue Tesano’s mother.


Hilliam Tesano– Eldest son of Roman and Imani Tesano, in love with Persephone James.
Houston Ramsey– Deceased. Married to Daphne. Father to Dena and Taurus.
Humphrey Tesano– Deceased. Eldest Tesano brother. All around bad guy.


Imani Tesano– Married to Roman Tesano. Sons are Hill, Pike, Smoak & Caiphus.
Isak Pike Tesano– Married to Sabella. 2nd son to Roman and Imani. Brothers Hill, Smoak & Caiphus.


Jasper Stone– AKA Eston Perjas. Founder of Black Island and SaBella Tesano’s father.
Johari Ramsey-Married to Moses Ramsey. Cousin to Melina Ramsey.
Josephine Ramsey– Once married to Marcus Ramsey. Mother to Moses, Fernando & Yohan.
Kraven DeBurgh– Married to Darby. Hails From Scotland. Best friends, Hill, Taurus & Fernando.
Kyle Orson– Member of Bill’s operations team.


Lamont Pevsner– Vestige Organization Chief of Operations. SyBilla’s and Caiphus’ boss.


Maeva Leer– Evangela Leer’s closest confidant. Changed last name to match Evangela’s.

Marcus Ramsey– Deceased. All around bad-guy. Evangela Leer’s biological father. Sons are Moses, Fernando and Yohan Ramsey. Was married to Josephine Ramsey.

Melina Ramsey– Married to Yohan Ramsey. Cousin to Johari Ramsey.
Michaela Ramsey– Married to Quest Ramsey. Half sister to Nile Ramsey.
Moses Ramsey– Married to Johari. Brothers are Fernando & Yohan.


Nile Ramsey- Married to Taurus Ramsey. Half sister to Michaela Ramsey.

O (N/A)


Pamma Nelson– SyBilla’s assistant at Vestige.
Persephone James– In love with Hill Tesano, Evangela Leer’s sister. Mother is Tammy Burnett.
‘Pitch’ Tesano– Illegitimate Tesano son. Uncle to Caiphus & his brothers.



Quaysar Ramsey– Married to Tykira. Twin son of Damon & Catrina. Brother to Quest.
Quest Ramsey– Married to Michaela. Twin son of Damon & Catrina. Brother to Quaysar.


Roman Tesano– Tesano son. Married to Imani. Sons are Hill, Pike, Smoak & Caiphus.


Sabella Tesano– Married to Isak Tesano. Daughter to Carmen Ramsey & Jasper Stone.
Sabra Tesano– Married to Smoak Tesano. Daughter to Georgia Ramsey & Felix Cade
Saffron Manoa– Member of Evangela Leer’s Black Widows group.
Smoak Tesano– Married to Sabra. 3rd son to Roman and Imani Tesano. Brothers Hill, Pike & Caiphus.
Stone Tesano– Deceased Tesano Elder. Uncle to Caiphus & his brothers.

SyBilla Ramsey– Eldest Ramsey Granddaughter. Daughter to Westin & Briselle Ramsey. Heroine of A Lover’s Control.


Tammy Burnett– Maid on Ramsey Estate, decades ago. Mother to Evangela Leer & Persephone James.
Taurus Ramsey– Married to Nile. Son to Houston & Daphne Ramsey. Brother to Dena.
Tykira Ramsey– Married to Quaysar Ramsey.

U (N/A)


Vale Tesano- All around bad guy. Tesano son. Uncle to Caiphus and his brothers.

Westin Ramsey– Eldest Ramsey son. Married to Briselle. Daughter is SyBilla Ramsey.

X (N/A)


Yohan Ramsey– Married to Melina. Youngest son to Marcus & Josephine. Brothers Moses & Fernando.

Z (N/A)

Ramsey Tesano- New (Longer) Preview

Hi All,

Just an FYI that by now, most of you have heard. There’s a new (longer) preview of the upcoming Ramsey Tesano. Here’s the link- nothing to download just use the online review option and it’ll open up on your pc or other device.

Al (A Lover’s Control- November 23rd)

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