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May 2014

Layers and Layers and Layers…A Little Backstory…

Hi Everyone,    layers_sequel

First of all, a hearty THANK YOU to all the new readers I’ve obtained over the course of the last couple of years. I try to shout out every now and again to my awesome supporters. You guys have no idea how much I treasure you- especially since you allow me to do something I am extremely addicted to-which is writing!!!

New readers also require new information. In the coming weeks- days 😉 you guys will be hearing more about my upcoming release “Layers of the Past”. You will also see me promoting a title called “Layers”. Now, given the fact that many of you are new to my style of doing things, you may be under the impression that “Layers” is the first book in the series and that you’ll need to read that before you delve into LOP (“Layers of the Past”). There’s a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ response to that.

I originally crafted “Layers” to be three short stories that were intended to be released as three separate ‘books’ and that would be it. Well…the characters had more to say about that and so did I 😉 My readers were also incredibly intrigued and wanted to know more as well. So instead of releasing “Layers” as three short stories, I released it as a novella. When you’re reading “Layers”, you’ll notice that the stories are labeled as Book I, Book II, Book III. I decided not to change that part of the format.

Some may look at “Layers of the Past” and see it as a Book IV and that’s fine. I’ve written this story however so that it may be enjoyed whether you’ve read “Layers” or not. In reading “Layers” you may have a better understanding of the dynamics between the characters and other little details that will make for a richer reading experience. It’s also a really short book, so there’s not a huge time commitment to finish it before the main book releases in July. Check out an excerpt of “Layers” here.

To say I’m excited about this book, doesn’t even scratch the surface right now as I’m going through the final draft. Long time readers, have heard me say that LOP would be a FULL-length novel since the novella was such a tease 🙂 Well…this story definitely lives up to the title, given the layers presented, how they weave and envelope the characters and unfold into some explosive and rather heartbreaking revelations. I hope the story will entertain and engage. I’m pretty sure it will excite you-I had to remind myself several times that I was writing as AlTonya Washington and not T. Onyx…

Toodles & Love,


Oh Yeah…Isn’t My Cover Amazing????!!!!!!!

A Reader’s Retreat Southern Affair- This Fall!!!!!

Springtime for literary lovers is shaping up nicely. Readers and Authors have flocked to New Orleans for the annual Romance Slam Jam Literary Conference. The event is a fantastic opportunity for networking, picking your favorite authors brains for a sneek peek into the futures of beloved characters. It’s also a great chance to see the sights of the special town hosting event.


I’m thrilled to be attending A Reader’s Retreat Southern Affair- October 10th-12th in Atlanta, GA. The event is being organized by the BRAB Book Club. BRAB (Building Relationships Around Books) has consistently impressed me with their unique approach to books and booklovers. I’m honored to help spread the word about the event which; from the looks of the following list, promises to be a spectacular gathering.

Just a few of the happenings I’m excited about include-

The Characters Based Baby Shower! This sounds fantastic! But I had no idea what it was so I asked, read on…

The character based baby shower involves throwing a shower for a fictional character who is expecting. Donations of diapers, wipes, formula & clothes will be accepted. All donations to benefit a women’s shelter…

This sounds pretty amazing and that’s just a peek at what’s to come.

Your Early Registration Fee of $130 also gets you access to the following array of spectacular happenings

**FRIDAY October 10th 6pm-10pm**

BRAB Welcome Reception

Characters Based Baby Shower with Fun, Games & Refreshments

Special Guest Appearances

**SATURDAY October 11th 10am-2pm**

Brunch Buffet

Authors Meet and Greet Panel

BRAB Gift Bag

Book Signing

**SATURDAY, October 11th 6pm-11pm**

Award Ceremony Semi-Formal Affair

Dinner Buffet

Live Entertainment



Early Registration is from January-August 1st ($130.00)

Late Registration is from August 15th-September 5th ($150.00)

*Last Day to Register is September 5th*

Ticket Purchase Links:

Find Out More About The Hotel!


This Event Is Hosted By The Ladies of Building Relationships Around Books!


Romance Slam Jam- An Amazing Time!!!



NOLA This is just a quick post to those headed off to NOLA for this years Romance Slam Jam Literary Conference! I hope you guys will have an amazing time. Sorry I can’t be there, but to those of you who haven’t attended before you’re definitely in for a treat. I have met the most phenomenal women at this event-authors and readers. I’ve also made some very fantastic friends as well. Here’s to all the new connections that are about to be made.

Have Fun!



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