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April 2014

Check Out My Throwback Thursday Blog In Hot M.A.M.A. Land

Hi Everyone!!

Thanks to all the new followers to the blog. I hope you’ll find the posts informative (although there may be a few soap box venting moments from time to time- I try to keep things light). Enjoy!

Hope you’ll have time check out another blog I take part in at Hot M.A.M.A. Land.

Happy Reading!

AlTonya 🙂



Lover’s Muse – New Ramsey Short-Story Available For Free At Smashwords

Well the title says it all. Here’s the link. Enjoy!!

Lover’s Muse: An Interlude   Image

Quest & Quaysar- Delicious Dreams…

Hi Everyone,

The first two titles in the Ramsey saga: “A Lover’s Dream” and “A Lover’s Pretense” will re-release in the same package on April 8th (maybe sooner, so start checking now). I’m making the rounds to let current readers know that this is NOT a new book. I recently regained my rights to the first two titles and decided to re-release them under my own steam. With that opportunity, I also decided to add a few new scenes…first time Quest saw Mick, first time Fernando saw County… little things like that. I also expanded on a few things I wanted to flesh out more after giving the two titles another read through. None of this changes the story however- wanted you guys to know that right off. There is a new short story in the middle of the two books entitled: “Lover’s Muse: An Interlude”. This ‘interlude’ is much too brief to be considered a novella, so I thought it’d be a perfect fit here. Additionally, I wanted to give readers new to the series…well… something new.dreams_pretense (1)

I hope the first two installments will encourage you to read more of the saga. I find it very delicious to be able to present my favorite twins Quest and Quaysar Ramsey in one book. This was just a sugar rush I couldn’t resist.

Thanks so much to everyone who has supported this endeavor and all the suspense, drama, scandal and seduction it has brought with it. New Readers: Thank You For Diving In!

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Be Blessed,

Al 😉

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