Sun, Sand, Desire…Drama??? The “Trust In Us” Backstory


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So if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook (especially Twitter) you know that I love to talk about the shows I’m addicted to. On Facebook I generally discuss movies I’ve seen, but a few weeks ago on FB I admitted to watching some shows that I’ve not previously given any sorts of shout outs to. These I consider among my truly guilty pleasures and they are the Housewives reality shows. My addiction began in a purely innocent manner. Several years ago, I was travelling to a book event where a terrible storm hit just shortly after I got to my hotel. Happy to be there safely, I planned on spending the evening in my room. Just for noise, I turned on the TV and what d’ya know- there’s a marathon of the New York Housewives. I had already sworn that I was NEVER jumping aboard the reality show bandwagon…yeah…it took me…two, maybe three episodes and I was hooked!

I didn’t stop with New York however. My addiction has stretched to New Jersey, Beverly Hills and last but certainly not least, my girls in Atlanta. What I enjoy most about these shows is really not the ‘housewives’ aspect at all, but the way the entrepreneurs among the group handle their business and personal lives. It’s rejuvenating and motivating to see successful women making their own rules and living well as a result.

The ‘living well’ aspect is where my confusion enters. What I CANNOT understand, is how in the world these folks can attend such lavish functions, visit such amazing places and become embroiled in the most awful arguments and fights. There’s all this beauty around you and the squabbling is what gets the attention. I know that a lot of it has to do with the way the producers cut the show so that’s somewhat of a comfort. But still…

At any rate, my…curiosity about this is what inspired my upcoming Kimani release “Trust In Us” (April, 2014). There are no housewives involved, no one is married and…therein lies much of the problem. With this story, I decided to craft my own dramatic getaway amidst the devastating beauty of sun, sand, beautiful women and to-die-for men. How could anyone have a problem in the midst of all these good things, right? The characters of this story manage to do just that. The kicker is that none of the drama really involves our gorgeous hero Gage Vincent and alluring heroine Alythia Duffy. Their friends are totally responsible, yet it affects our hero and heroine just the same.

I had no idea what the outcome of this concoction of drama, sex, betrayal and love would create when I began plotting out the story. I was very pleased with the final product and I think my satisfaction over the story had a lot to do with how rejuvenated I felt while writing it. Readers who know me know that I adore the elements of suspense and danger I tend to plug into my work. This time, I wanted to take a different route to project the suspense.

But enough about me and my motivations. Decided for yourself as you immerse in drama and desire with “Trust In Us”. You can also find a audio sneak peek of the story here at the blog as well.

Happy Reading,

Al 😉


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shantal says:

    Hi Al,

    Thanks for sharing your insights on the latest work…and for revealing your guilty pleasure! I haven’t jumped on the Housewives craze and doubt that I will. I look forward to reading Gage and Alythia’s story!

    1. altonyasblog says:

      Yes! Take it from me- save yourself the drama!! I do hope you’ll enjoy Gage, Alythia and their gang! 🙂

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