Rank Your Ramsey & Tesano Couples

Hey Everyone, I had a fantastic opportunity last night to chat with a really amazing group. After the event, it got me to thinking about how much I love all my characters but as you guys know the Ramseys and Tesanos hold a special place in my heart. Someone asked about my faves and it was quite obviously very difficult to choose one. I thought it might be interesting to see how your faves stack up with mine. Take a moment to share your roster. I’ll share mine once a few have posted so you won’t feel influenced… Toodles, Al πŸ™‚MP900341547


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  1. Shantal says:

    Hi Al, WOW! What a great topic. The Ramseys and Tesanos are some of my favorite characters as you know. Now I’m thinking since I’ve just finished A Lover’s Debt recently and so many of them are in my head. I hate that I’m on my mobile. Let’s just say that Mick and Quest are my #1! I’ll comment tomorrow as early as possible with my full list so please (please, please) don’t post your list just yet! LOL! Back soon!

    1. altonyasblog says:

      Hey Shantal, It’s NOT easy drafting this list. I’ve started and stopped several times. I think I have the first three…
      1. Quest and Mick
      2. Pike and Belle
      3. Kraven and Darby…or maybe it was Fernando and Contessa or…
      See?!! It’s almost impossible for me!!

      1. Shantal says:

        Hey AlTonya,

        Well, here’s my list…(I’ve changed it at least four times but I’ll go with this for now). As more is revealed I’m sure the list will change.

        1. Quest and Mick
        2. Fernando and County
        3. Taurus and Nile
        4. Smoak and Sabra
        5. Pike and Bella
        6. Kraven and Darby
        7. Moses and Jo
        8. Yohan and Mel
        9. Quay and Ty
        10. Carlos and Dena

        Honorable mention from the group of Elders…Damon and Catrina! That man is a good example for his sons and nephews. Wooo!

        I would need a lot more time to say why I ranked them this way. I can’t wait for more on Caiphus and Bill; and of course Hill and Persephone.

        Impatiently waiting for MORE!!!

    2. I agree! Mick and Quest are my #1 too!!!

      1. altonyasblog says:

        Hey Jen! Yes, I’m at least confident that they are my #1 pick as well πŸ™‚

  2. Shii Lofton says:

    I love them all but my top 6 are:
    #1 – Quest/Mick (everything about them together works for me. Quest is strong enough to protect Mick from herself and Mick is strong enough to stand up to Quest)
    #2 – Quay/Ty (Ty’s has the ability to put up with Quay silly behind. He’s too funny and cute)
    #3 – Fern/County (Fern’s strong and silly enough to lighten County up)
    #4 – Kraven/Darby (Kraven’s a big ole softy and Darby accepts him dirt and all)
    #5 – Smoak/Sabra (Smoak’s the only person that can shut Sabra up and she makes him loose control of his discipline)
    #6 – Pike/Bella (love this couple on the strength of Pike alone. Love me some Pike)
    Bonus pick for favorite couple is Quincee & whoever the man is that she ends up wrapping around her finger & Quest doesn’t scare to death/beat the crap out of. lol

    1. altonyasblog says:

      I LOVE THIS Shii!!! Great list especially with all your reasons next to them. I LOVE your bonus pick! Yes, it’s gonna be hard for Miss Quincee to find a guy when any prospects will have to get by an extensive group of intimidating men…and women πŸ˜‰

    2. Shantal says:

      Hi Shii, I love your reasons for #6! And yes ma’am Pike is the business!!! That determination alone almost ranked him at number 3 but the heat between Taurus and Nile and the scientist in me had to root for Smoak and his intense, drama-filled relationship with the business woman. But all of the couple are great!

      As for Miss Quincee, if we think these men are overprotective and fierce warriors now, just wait until some guy wants to take her out. I can totally see the women being harder to get past than say Quest or Moses. LOL!

  3. Hey Altonya
    1. Fernando and Contessa
    2. Quest and Michaela
    3. Quay and Takira
    4. Yohan and Melina
    5. Pike and Belle

    However, I love them all

    1. altonyasblog says:

      Sounds good! I like the way you guys have the couples ranked so differently- tells me that they are each appealing in their own ways πŸ˜‰

  4. Hi Altonya, I love them all, but if I had to choose:
    1. Fernando and Contessa
    2. Quest and Michaela
    3. Quay and Takira
    4. Yohan and Melina
    5. Pike and Belle

  5. altonyasblog says:

    I love that you guys can make such long lists- I can’t get past the first three- LOL!! πŸ™‚

    1. Shantal says:

      That’s okay. You write and we’ll make lists. LOL! But seriously, we should revisit this after the saga concludes. I wonder if any of our favs will change once all is revealed.

  6. Juanetta says:

    Hi Altonya, for me hands down it’s Quest and Mick as my fav Ramseys. I could read about them over and over. I’m not sure Kraven would be considered a Tesano but him and Darby are definitely second on my fav list. I have A Lover’s Debt but I’ve been saving it because I don’t want their stories, any of them, to end.

    1. altonyasblog says:

      Understood Juanetta! Isn’t Kraven a dream? He and Darby rank third in my list right now. Love them! Quest and Mick are in my number 1 spot as well- probably why I keep having them show up in most of the stories LOL πŸ™‚

  7. Chel says:

    Hi All….
    If I had to choose my too 5 would be…
    1. Pike & Bella
    2. Carlos & Dena
    3. Karven & Darby
    4.Fern & Contessa
    5. Taurus & Nile

    *** however Caipus and Bill & Hill and Persephone might change everything…..

    1. altonyasblog says:

      Very Nice Chel! Pike and Belle are my second faves. Love the way I was able to craft his obsession with Belle πŸ˜‰

  8. Dawn says:

    THIS IS HARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    but……i guess if i had to pick……

    1.Quest & Mick
    2. Yohan & Mel
    3.Smoak & sabra
    4. Pike & Belle
    5. Karven & Darby

    deep down i love them all!!!!!!!!!

    1. altonyasblog says:

      Hey Dawn! You’re right. I still can’t come up with a list that includes all the couples. I keep re-arranging and stuff and know some things may changed once I get the stories written for Caiphus, Bill, Persephone and Hill…

  9. Deborah F. says:

    Hmm this is a hard one but let me try
    Quest & Mick
    Moses & Johari
    Pike & Bella
    Smoak & Sabre
    Fern & Contessa
    Quay & Ty
    Taurus & Nile
    Carlos & Dena
    Kraven & Darby
    Yohan & Melina

    Now since Hill’s and Caphuis books have not come out I will not list them on here yet. But Caphuis may move up on the list.

  10. L.Boogie says:

    I will post my entire list after I’m done reading the series. But so far… My favorite couple is County and Fernando. I’m just on “Beauty”. So I gotta catch! LOL!

  11. Carla says:

    Hey Altonya,

    I LOVE the Ramsey/Tesano Series! My favorite Ramsey couples are:

    1. Quest and Mick
    2. Pike and Sabella
    3. Quay and Ty
    4. Sabra and Smoak
    5.Dena and Carlos
    6. Kraven and Darby
    7.. Fern and County
    8. Nile and Taurus
    9. Moses and Jo
    10. Yohan and Mel

    I can not wait to read Sybilla and Caiphus’ story. They are a dynamite couple already!

  12. Carla Bernard says:

    Hi Altonya,

    My favorites (but they are all gooood!)

    Quest & Mick (quincee is a doll)
    Carlos & Dena
    Kraven & Darby
    Quay & Ty (love the way they became parents to twins)
    Pike & Sabella
    Fernando & County
    Smoak & Sabra
    Moses & Johari
    Yohan & Mel
    Nile & Taurus

    I can’t wait for Persephone & Hilliam (they may be #1) & Caiphus & Sybilla.

  13. maxine muhammad says:

    Hi Al Keep Up The Fantastic work This Was HARD To DO I Do Love Them All FROM The Elders To the Youngers , However here we go
    1Hill and Persephone
    2Fern and County
    3Quest and Mick
    4Quay and Ty
    5Moses and Jo
    6Pike and Belle
    7Yohan and Mel
    8Smoak and Sebra
    9Caiphus and Bill
    10Tarus and Nile

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