Those Heroes of Mine…

MP900341547   Not long ago, I found myself browsing through a list of works by different authors. It was a kind of milestone document that listed each author and all the books they’d written. As I reviewed the list- noting that some authors had 50 or more titles to their credit, I couldn’t help but remember a time when a list such as this would have seemed unreal to me.

How could anyone write that many books? How could anyone come up with that many different scenarios and characters and worlds to create? It seemed impossible, until I became a writer myself. Not saying that I’ve discovered how to tell unlimited stories, but I do have more of an inkling about the motivation behind the drive.

While working on my latest Kimani novel for Harlequin, I took time to notice the page number I was on and it hit me. For me, the draw is just what I questioned earlier. The characters, their worlds and scenarios are what does it- that motivating factor that drives us authors to create. Having the power to re-create is what keeps us coming back for more.

In terms of myself, I never write books simultaneously. It’s important for me to be totally committed to one hero and heroine. Especially the hero. It’s like a relationship. When I craft that hero of mine, it’s like he’s the only one. This, in spite of all the others who’ve come before him or the ones that I know will come after him. When I’m writing that guy, he’s the epitome, the show stopper and as my readers acquaint themselves with him, I want them to be as infatuated and captivated as I am.

So who’s the hero that inspired this particular blog? His name is Gage Vincent. More on him later…for now I’ll just say….


Al 😉


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  1. Shantal says:

    Hi Al, or should I call you Ms. Tease? LOL. I’m always interested in author motivation or writing process so thank you for sharing. Yes, it is indeed amazing that some authors have quite a list of titles. However, I think quality is the most important factor…whether a writer has 10 books published or 110. My hope is that YOU keep writing as I am looking forward to more of the delicious heroes you give us. Now, I can only wonder who Mr. Gage Vincent is and how will he get his heroine. I’m intrigued as always. So I’ll be waiting impatiently for more details. In the meantime…happy writing!

    1. altonyasblog says:

      Thanks so much for chiming in on this one. This topic occurred to me one day and it’s been on my mind to write about it and gather some feedback as well, so again thank you! Gage, Gage…yes I am really loving him right now. I think the ability to view each character individually and to love them equally but for different reasons is why so many authors keep writing. So stay tuned…more to on Mr. Gage Vincent soon…
      Al 😉

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