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July 2013

Those Heroes of Mine…

MP900341547   Not long ago, I found myself browsing through a list of works by different authors. It was a kind of milestone document that listed each author and all the books they’d written. As I reviewed the list- noting that some authors had 50 or more titles to their credit, I couldn’t help but remember a time when a list such as this would have seemed unreal to me.

How could anyone write that many books? How could anyone come up with that many different scenarios and characters and worlds to create? It seemed impossible, until I became a writer myself. Not saying that I’ve discovered how to tell unlimited stories, but I do have more of an inkling about the motivation behind the drive.

While working on my latest Kimani novel for Harlequin, I took time to notice the page number I was on and it hit me. For me, the draw is just what I questioned earlier. The characters, their worlds and scenarios are what does it- that motivating factor that drives us authors to create. Having the power to re-create is what keeps us coming back for more.

In terms of myself, I never write books simultaneously. It’s important for me to be totally committed to one hero and heroine. Especially the hero. It’s like a relationship. When I craft that hero of mine, it’s like he’s the only one. This, in spite of all the others who’ve come before him or the ones that I know will come after him. When I’m writing that guy, he’s the epitome, the show stopper and as my readers acquaint themselves with him, I want them to be as infatuated and captivated as I am.

So who’s the hero that inspired this particular blog? His name is Gage Vincent. More on him later…for now I’ll just say….


Al 😉

Rain and The Writing Fool

Falling RainEveryone knows that I enjoy a rainy day. Pick up any of my stories and chances are you’ll find that there is at least one scene featuring a rainy day. Rain makes some people dreary, it makes some people terrible drivers, it makes some people sleepy. Me? It makes me want to write.

Now folks already know that I’m a writing fool, but rain seems to throw that fact into overdrive. July has been one of the rainiest months I can remember and for me one of the most productive. It has little to do with the fact that the rain just makes you want to stay inside- which is does. I can’t count how many trips I make to refill my tea cup or coffee mug during the course of a rainy day. Curled up with a great book or awesome movie, it’s the perfect indulgence.

For me, staying inside is merely the half of it. Creativity flows at such heights that many of the thoughts tap-dancing in my head have to be jotted down as notes for later exploration. There’s that much going on in my mind! Is it maddening, well heck yeah! But the great thing is that I don’t have to spend much time with those thoughts cluttering my mind and on rainy days my paper and pen dance for hours on end.

At this point, I’m sure we’d all like a little more sun. For a writer like me, rain is the motivator that can conquer deadlines in a single bound and the results are beautiful.


Al 🙂

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