Kids of All Ages

Hi Everyone!


I wanted to thank you guys for dropping in to check out my blog posts over the last several months. I’ve really enjoyed making entries and getting such awesome feedback from everyone who takes time to read these things. I’ve been a bit lazy over the last few weeks with preparing for family vacation, taking the vacation and recovering from the vacation 🙂 So… apologies for not chiming in much lately.

Going back to the title of the post, Kids of All Ages…I selected that one for today’s post because it’s always struck me as an interesting saying. I pretty much figure folks use it to get other folks to believe what’s fun for their kids will be fun for them thus encouraging them to spend, spend, spend and have fun, fun, fun and feel young again.

I’ll tell you a secret…it’s true!! This was one of the best getaways I’ve taken in such a long time. My sister and I got together and decided to take our guys- her 5 year old and my pre-teen to Disney World or what one of my pastors lovingly referred to as Mickey Land. I pretty much figured my nephew would have a great time being such a little one, but I was sort of unsure about my son. I thought he’d think that the Magic Kingdom was too ‘baby’ for him.

Are you kidding me? He had the best time, we both did. It was like we were both little kids rambling around that place. For those who have never been, trust me you feel the magic of that place, carrying you back to all the wonder and excitement that runs through you as a child. I felt it the second we walked through the gates and it steadily built as we took the ferry that carried us deeper into the land for kids of all ages.

I’d had the chance to visit Disney only once before, but visiting with kids is an experience like no other. Seeing the amazed looks on their faces as they take in everything, makes you happy to be there witnessing it all with them. So of course, we’ll be going back. There just wasn’t enough time to enjoy it to the extent we wanted to. My son is hooked, so as a parent it’s my duty to return… please!!! That’s my surface excuse-I just want to go back again and again and again…

Til next time, Al



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shantal says:

    Hi Al,

    So happy to read that you had some time “off”! And even happier that you enjoyed Disney…it truly is magical. Wow, your son is really growing up and soon he’ll be taller than you! Hope you’ve recovered/rested.

  2. altonyasblog says:

    Thanks Shantal!! it was very enjoyable and very exhausting, but we made some nice memories 🙂

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