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            Happy New Year Everyone! I do hope that you all had lots of laughter with friends and loved ones and that you got all or most of the things your hearts desired during the holiday season.

My holiday was filled with all sorts of new things. I started a new job as a reference librarian for a North Carolina HBCU (Historically Black College/University). This was quite a gift following a two-year journey towards an MLS (Master of Library Science) degree. I moved into a new and very lovely place that will keep me in the town I’ve grown to love and allow my son to stay at his same school. I was even given this completely amazing oak desk where I hope to create lots of new stories and gripping characters. I’m drafting this week’s blog from my bed-old habits die-hard I guess…

Yes, I am and continue to be blessed. Unfortunately, not all the holiday haps were good ones. Despite all my endeavors to have a smooth relocation to my new home, all things didn’t work according to plan. The internet and cable service I’d hoped to have installed on moving day- wasn’t. To make matters worse, the company wouldn’t even work to make it right although they knew it was their mistake. When the techs finally arrived to set me up, they told me the service wasn’t even available in my new location! For some reason, customer service neglected to provide that helpful bit of info during the hour (and change) I spent complaining and they spent passing the buck.

Yeah I know it’s useless to complain and my scathing opinion of this customer service team isn’t a grand, sweeping review of all customer service. I spent many years working in customer service myself, so I feel I’ve earned a small fraction of room to gripe. Thankfully, I’m not nearly as angry as I was eleven days ago. I now take this as a learning experience.

When it comes down to it, there are just some things you can’t control. It’s a hard lesson for some of us control freaks to learn. Anyway…as I- as we all go into this New Year, let’s be aware of that. Let’s work to do our best with what we have and continue to strive towards doing even better. I’m definitely gonna work harder at not coming unglued when things don’t go according to my carefully crafted plans. I think we could all stand to work harder at that. Our blood pressures will surely thank us!

Happy 2013 Folks!



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  1. Shantal says:

    Happy New Year Al! Thanks for the update. First, HBCU’s ROCK! (Proud HBCU alum checking in!) I’m still doing the happy dance celebrating your achievements with you.

    AND see…the new year is already helping you to learn more patience. LOL!

    But seriously, I truly understand being frustrated with services that are critical to communication. I had my share of customer service nightmares with two of my telecommunications providers when I moved to my new home; so I’m sorry you had to endure this drama.

    I’m always happy to know other people that try to find one good thing or learn something new even from the most trying situations. Aside from letting go of things we can’t control, also consider that the lack of internet/cable can be a way to slow down and take a mini-break from the attachment of social media, tv, email and the gadgets we use to stay connected. I’m hoping some of your time was spent penning a few chapters about some of my favorite characters….those sexy Ramseys, Tesanos, a certain gorgeous shifter……oh the wonderful things to look forward to in 2013!

    Here’s to a safe, happy, healthy and wonderful year filled with love, romance…and great books!

    All the best to you in 2013!


    1. altonyasblog says:

      Hey Shantal,

      You’re so right! I have definitely slowed down, which for me can be a bad thing social media wise, because I’m SOOOO social media challenged!! But it has given me the chance to enjoy my great DVD collection and get some other things done- reading and of course writing!! My new provider promises to have me up and running by Tuesday so pray for me!!
      Al 🙂

  2. Shantal says:

    Prayers…for sure!

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