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November 2012

Virtual Booksignings

Hi Guys,

I’m trying something new at the suggestion of my awesome virtual assistant who pushed me to start Authorgraphing my books. I hope you guys will take some time to check out my page there. This is totally new to me, but I’m willing to give it a try. I haven’t loaded all the titles there yet, but the Ramsey/Tesanos should be there and the short stories that I’ve only released electronically.


Al 😉

Holiday Surprises….

*** Just wanted to extend another big THANK YOU for those who voted in the 2011 Shades of Romance Magazine Readers Choice Awards- I just found out that you selected me for: Romance Book of the Year: As Good As The First Time & Romance Author of The Year. THANKS GUYS!!!***

Now on with the surprises…

First: I believe I’ve worked out the kinks I had with making my debut romance available electronically. Remember Love Redux is now available via Kindle and Nook. It will be coming soon for those of you who own other e-readers. The story has not changed much from the original version. I have introduced a few new scenes involving Trin’s cousins Arthur and Spry. Hope you guys will enjoy it. See Amazon or Barnes and Noble for more details. 🙂

Second: So there are some unsettled issues between the couples. Little things that couples encounter from time to time- Oh! Sorry- I’m talking about the Ramsey and Tesano couples of course 😉

Anyway, I’ve been struggling with trying to find a way to reconcile these issues over the course of the last few stories. I thought about presenting them in the prologues, epilogues or body of the stories but they won’t quite fit in any of those places. Again, I have my Ramsey Tesano ‘addicts’ to thank. Your; not so subtle, queries about when the next RT title was coming or your displeasure that the wait would be so long, gave me an idea.

Lover’s Christmas is a little surprise for you guys and my solution to tackling the few lingering ‘couples issues’ which will hopefully provide answers to the questions many of you have had about their futures. So I’ve said enough…hope you guys will check it out and enjoy this brief interlude with some of the sexiest people you know.

The story should be showing up soon so start checking Amazon & Barnes and Noble. The print versions will be coming soon after.

Toodles and Happy Holidays,

Al 🙂


A Bit More About the Future…



Hi Everyone,

This week’s blog is gonna be short, but informative.

Last week I directed you guys to my Hot MAMAs blog entitled: The Future Is Bright. I spoke on two events that really made my day/my month as they involved the younger generation.  I talked about how encouraged I felt by the events and the state of our future- if the kids I had the honor of speaking with, were anything to go by.  Well this week, the future is still very much on my mind. After 2 years of Grad school- whew! Glad that’s over!! Anyway, after 2 years of Grad school- 5 months after graduation I have my FIRST FULL-FLEDGED LIBRARIAN JOB!! Whoo Hoo!! I’m very excited- I’d be more excited if I didn’t have to move and go through all that rigmarole but I am definitely tickled by this. It’s a bittersweet move, because I really love my current job but this is an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up. Librarianship is a passion that sort of crept up on me so I’m eager to see what contributions I can make.

I wanted to take this time to assure my readers that I am NOT quitting my writing job. Writing is a part of who I am- I HAVE to write, so that will definitely not change.  Many of you have inquired about my 2013 writing calendar. I have two Harlequin Kimani titles upcoming this year: Provocative Territory and Provocative Passion. On the Indie side of things, I have the T. Onyx sequel to Ruler of Perfection which I hope to release late spring/early summer. Followed by the sequel to Layers entitled Layers of the Past. Last but not least, will be the first of the final three Ramsey/Tesano titles: A Lover’s Debt.

So…send good thoughts my way, I’m definitely gonna need ‘em. Also CHECK THE BLOG NEXT WEEK!! I have another Ramsey Tesano Announcement to make and you won’t want to miss it…

Toodles & Love,


The Future Is Bright- New At Hot MAMAs

Good Morning Al,

While you’re enjoying the conclusion of Mixed Signals, I hope you’ll scoot on over to the Hot MAMAs site to read my latest blog post about my fantastic October visits with some very incredible students. Enjoy!


Al 🙂

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