The Social Author

In the early days of book marketing, authors basically relied on their publishing houses to spread the word about their work. Authors themselves had few additional options aside from book signings or attending certain literary events. Now things have changed and marketing can take on almost whatever form or facet an author can conjure. An author can continue to travel and do the signings and conferences. Advertising opportunities via websites and online magazines are prime choices to introduce oneself to the literary market, they can blog and give more in-depth insight into themselves and their work. Then of course there is the social media element. In just a few words an author can share information about a new book,  opinions on some political issue, review a movie they’ve just seen and in a short span of time begin to build a unique relationship with their readers. This is not a time-consuming or expensive endeavor. From virtually any electronic device including a phone an author can connect with his/her readers any time/anyplace.

Unless you’re like me. Even today in 2012 I am still struggling with being a social media connoisseur. It’s not easy for me to post to Facebook or Twitter more than once or twice per day. I post when I feel what I need to share benefits my friends and followers yet I do try to work harder at sharing lighter tidbits.Then I observe the posts of those I aspire to be more like and I realize that I’ve got a lot to learn. One thing I do have working for me is that I love corresponding via email. For someone like me- terrible at returning or even making phone calls, email is a real blessing. Sadly, email (like blogging) allows you to thoroughly express yourself, while communicating via social media requires one to be more concise. For me to be concise more than twice a day is a real challenge. So… in my typical long-winded way, this is a thank you to all my readers, friends and followers. Please accept this thank you for your support as I continually strive to become a more social author.


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  1. Shantal Y. says:

    Hi Al, I think you do a good job staying in touch. No complaints from me! It’s always nice to see an author being mindful of staying connected to readers.

    I actually limit my own personal social media communications because I have to use the tools for work. So I am totally ‘over it’ by the time I get home to manage personal pages on the various social media sites. So, send me an email ANYTIME over some of the other options.

    I do use my smartphone often so I am still connected quite frequently and will continue to network my way, at my own speed. LOL!

    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Shantal, this is very encouraging to read. I was just laughing with a club I met with last month over the fact that I STILL don’t have an actual Smartphone. It allows me to text and get to the internet and stuff, but it’s very outdated. My son’s phone is WAY better! I’ll continue to do my best though- thanks so very much 🙂

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