Model Intentions- Second Installment!

Good Morning Everyone, As promised, please find the next installment of Model Intentions. Included for your reading pleasure this week are Chapters 4-6. Enjoy! AlTonya Model Intentions CHAPTER FOUR               As May sat in the comfortably furnished living room of her loft, her thoughts kept straying back to her horrible behavior at Uptown Publishing….

The Social Author

In the early days of book marketing, authors basically relied on their publishing houses to spread the word about their work. Authors themselves had few additional options aside from book signings or attending certain literary events. Now things have changed and marketing can take on almost whatever form or facet an author can conjure. An…

Model Intentions

                     A little something different this week. Please enjoy Chapters One thru Three of the short story- “Model Intentions”: CHAPTER ONE         “T.J., we thought that a cover with something real hot would be the best way to rush in summer for the magazine.”…

Dream Realized

Okay so lately I’ve been toying with the idea of writing fulltime. Actually, I probably shouldn’t use the word ‘lately’. I’ve wanted to be a fulltime writer ever since I put pen to paper and crafted my first short story. Lately though, another concern has aggravated me as I blessedly come closer to living my dream….

Short Stories Anyone??

Hi All, Thanks so much for taking time out to drop me a line of encouragement about the blog. I’m very excited about this latest attempt. WordPress is really neat, so maybe that’ll be more of an incentive to keep me going. In addition to blogging, I also plan to share short stories that were…