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Al Direct for Al’s Readers

The link below will take you to Al Direct on the new Al’s Readers Site.

**Those of you on my mailing list already have some info-here’s a little more…**

Products on Al Direct will be hosted by the Payhip platform. Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning Amazon. The Al Direct store that I’ve been trying to put together for a while now, will be the spot where you’ll find those projects I consider a little more off the beaten path. Projects like my (long ago) debut Audiobook Another Love, soon to be released future titles like my upcoming whodunit “The Caterer’s Wife” and installments of the Swept series featuring fan fiction type vignettes with some of my familiar heroes and heroines. AND A FEW FREEBIES TOO!!!!

I’m still debating on whether to release the introductory novella here for Brogue Tesano and Marcella Cannon- details to come…

I hope you’ll visit the store and download your copy of Another Love. My beta testers have reported that the process is super easy but wanted you to be aware that Another Love is a 16 chapter e-book meaning there are 16 files to download. Not exactly ‘Audible Easy’, but still not too bad, considering the list price is $3.25. For those of you who purchase audio books, you know this is a steal!

I also tested the process and it was pretty swift. All orders are handled by Paypal.

Listen & Enjoy The Romance!


FYI- I haven’t abandoned my main lovealtonya site either, I’m just being notoriously late getting it updated, but updates are on the way. As always, stay tuned…

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Swept Away…By Some Familiar Faces…


I’m pretty sure I’m not the only author this happens to-not being able to let go of old characters. Now, more than ever I’m grateful that so many opportunities exist for writers to bring their ideas to the readers who make what we do worth all the effort.

For those of you who’ve been with me since the beginning, you may remember my debut couple Trinidad Salem and Dominique Carver from Remember Love. A few years ago, I re-released their story in Remember Love Redux. Now, Trin and Dom are back with a new story.

Swept: Trinidad & Dominique is totally new and presents the vignette entitled “The Interview”. Don’t expect a continuation of Remember Love. Swept contains a completely different story-line. Trin and Dom are just meeting.  Only a few things remain from the original story.

Swept: Trinidad & Dominique is crafted as a short, romantic read. The entire work is less than 60 pages. In addition to the short story itself, letters from the hero and heroine are also included.  My hope is that readers- new and old- will add this to their collection for a quick break time read. “The Interview” gets rather steamy in places, but I don’t think it’ll be too much of a distraction for your day…maybe a slight distraction- tee hee 😉

I do hope you’ll enjoy this and look forward to other Swept installments featuring more familiar characters in unfamiliar situations.

Toodles & Love,


Swept is available in e-book format.

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Hi Everyone,

Here Is New (Lower) Pricing For Some of My Backlist Titles-

Including the Ramseys & T. Onyx:

Read & Enjoy!!


dreams_pretense (1)Dream & Pretense: The Ramseys (Books 1&2)- $2.99

iStock_000005389711MediumElders Book of Scandal: The Ramsey Elders- $3.99

abstract fire on blackLover’s Allure: A Ramsey Novella- $.99

MP900446754WA Ramsey Wedding Novella- $.99

Taboo Tree NEWTaboo Tree- $3.99

Eternal_300DPIEternal- $2.99

Layers (516x680) (516x680)Layers- $.99

layers_sequelLayers of the Past- $3.99

when_ice_meltsWhen Ice Melts- $3.99

HeartWhat The Heart Wants- $2.99

MixedMixed Signals- $.99

???????????????????????????????????????Timechange- $.99


T. Onyx Titles

PowerhousePleasure’s Powerhouse- $2.99

TruthTruth In Sensuality- $.99

PERFECTION COVERRuler of Perfection- $.99

At this time some digital titles are not available on the Nook platform. My apologies for the inconvenience. I will keep you posted on new developments.


Stay Tuned…

Many of you have been with me since the early days back in 2008 when I decided to do something completely off the wall and publish the rest of the Ramsey series on my own. Back then I had no idea where this thing was going, but you guys provided the most incredible motivation. Fast forward to 2010 and I was doing something else completely off the wall-taking charge of fulfilling my own print orders for “A Lover’s Soul” which was the last Ramsey title before the Tesano crew appeared on the scene. Again, you guys provided incredible motivation…and A LOT of work for one person autographing and shipping a ton of orders alone. Now fast forward again-2016 and the arrival of Ally Fleming. It’s now 2017 and guess what?-Another off the wall move.


Discovering the world of independent publishing has allowed me more freedom to create the kinds of stories I want to write and ones I hope you guys will enjoy reading. So far-enjoying-is exactly what you all appear to be doing and I love you for it!! Now, that freedom of creation is pushing me to seek more freedom in other areas. I’m excited to tell you that my search has paid off. I’m won’t bore you with more details now- No, it’s not a new RT title…yet- just stay tuned.  It’s a new endeavor that mingles old with new and oh yeah-it’s just a little off the wall. 😉

Oscars 2017


It was a statement year for the Oscars and the golden gentleman certainly made one. Unlike years past, this year’s awards saw an increase in African American performers and films being nominated and taking home the prized statue. There were tremendous achievements on Oscar Sunday, but we shouldn’t forget that the struggle is far from over. Don’t get me wrong, I thought the show was excellent- Kimmel and Damon were a gift that kept on giving. They kept me laughing throughout the night.AWARDS

Yes, it was a great show despite the infamous ‘envelope-gate’ which had a happy outcome in my opinion. Though I was rooting for Hidden Figures, I’m thrilled that Moonlight took home the top honor. It’s unfortunate that such a high moment proved such a low one for the La La Land crew. There’s no excuse for the humiliation they suffered-totally careless and sloppy on the part of the Academy.

I write an Oscar blog every year, but I’ll keep things brief this time around. Viola Davis should’ve been in the running for Best Actress not Supporting. While I’m not sure what the rules are for such things, perhaps Mahershala Ali should’ve been in the lead actor category as well. Whatever the case, Viola’s role was clearly leading actress caliber. So why the supporting slots? I could name several reasons…

There’s still work to be done before performers of color are on a more level playing field. (Some changes in who actually votes and tallies the votes, for starters, maybe?) We’re progressing, but let’s not be so focused on the dazzle that we forget the crap still being shuffled underneath. It’s shameful that so often these awards have little to do with who truly deserves them and more to do with…everything else. Fill that in with whatever you choose. I’m sure it fits.

Til next time,


A Little Escape…Taboo Tree

Hey Folks!

If you haven’t read my post Labor of Love, please do. In keeping with my vow to keep on contributing to an improved narrative of beauty, relaxation and escape I’d like to share with you a small but healthy dose of one of my older titles. It’s one that’s getting a nice bit of attention from readers new to my work. So many more of you are connecting with comments and questions about my titles that I’ve decided to give preview reads you can really sink your teeth into.

For those of you who’ve read the book and could use a little escape from whatever aggravations have you anxiously awaiting the 5:00 hour, I hope you too will enjoy this excerpt.

Love, Blessings and Peace, AlTonya

Taboo Tree Chapters 1-10


Labor of Love- A Thank You

I often wonder whether readers believe if the money they spend on our books is the greatest thing authors get out of the relationship. I know because I’m an avid reader who has wondered this very thing a time or two. I’m also an author, so I have the luxury of being able to offer an answer to the question I’ve posed. The answer is an unequivocal ‘no’. Don’t get me wrong, we authors appreciate the monetary display of affection, but what we (what I) get out of the relationship goes so much farther than that.

Over the last several days, I’ve responded to many emails opening the dialogue with an ‘I’m sorry for the late response’. My inbox is so cluttered with all sorts of…stuff, from political messages to pleas for a return visit to stores I should never have given my email address to. Out of all that…stuff, the messages I look forward to receiving are the ones from readers who just want to say “thanks” or “amazing job” or… “why the heck did you take this couple through all that, AlTonya?!”

I love it all. You guys have no idea how much it makes my day to see those messages. When I’m feeling down on myself, or like I should be working harder or any number of self-criticisms…those emails see me through. Many times, I feel like it’s also a message from God telling me not to give up.

With things being what they are right now, I’ve said many times that I’m gonna need to rely heavily on books, movies and my favorite TV shows to remind me of the beautiful things in this world that make it worth not giving up on. I’m gonna rely on my favorite authors, actors and screenwriters to keep me immersed in the beautiful things. As an author, I’m also a part of the community that others will rely on to keep them immersed. So that means making whatever small gestures I can to be part of an improved narrative-one that expresses beauty, relaxation and even escape.

It’s not much from a little black girl with a wild imagination but thankfully I’m not alone-the community of artists is an expansive one. As long as you continue to rely on us to bring you beauty, relaxation and escape, we’ll do our best to keep providing it.

Conquered: Sleeping Giants II (Extended Preview)



One of the best things about writing is creating new worlds. Even better, is the chance to create these worlds in ways that go beyond a writer’s normal style. This is something I’m experiencing with my new IR Romantic Suspense series.

The Sleeping Giants series follows 4 heroes and 4 heroines whose worlds appear to orbit completely different suns. Then, one unfortunate night causes their paths to collide.

2017 marks the release of Book 2 in this 4 book series. Conquered is written as a standalone-a definite change of pace for me as I tend to write connecting stories that really connect.With my Sleeping Giants, I decided on 4 stories that connect only in characters and theme. If you missed Book 1 Intoxicated, no worries. You won’t be lost. For those who have read Book 1, be prepared for new revelations regarding the night things changed for our fierce Greek heroes and African-American heroines.


Happy Reading & A Happy 2017!!

AlTonya aka Ally Fleming

Blue Ridge Escape

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to enjoy the beauty and rejuvenation that only the outdoors can provide. Those who know me well, know that I am NOT an outdoor girl. I enjoy spending my weekends curled up with a good movie, reading a good book…or writing one.

My escape along the Blue Ridge Parkway through Virginia and North Carolina was a spur of the moment decision. I’d been talking about it with my son’s grandparents who enjoy long country drives and seeing where the road takes them. A few weeks prior to our trip, they discussed a journey they made to the Linn Cove Viaduct in NC. I mentioned wanting to come along and they told me we’d make it happen next time around. Next time around came a few weeks later and I said what the heck. Usually, I need lots of time to plan for even the simplest trips, but I decided to step out of my comfort zone and go for it.

We drove up to their place just outside of Winston-Salem, NC early that Saturday morning. I was happy just to leave my car and let someone else handle the driving. We set out, my son in the passenger seat of his grandpa’s SUV, me in the back with granny. I was already in heaven. Those who know me well, know I jump at ANY chance not to drive.

The trip was amazing. The sky was sunny and filled with gorgeous white clouds, the air was crisp and wintry cold. We even stopped off to visit a terrific country store in VA. Delightful! And the colors! Vivid isn’t the word. I had no idea The Parkway went up so far. We actually went beyond the Viaduct. A few times, we had to ask my son why he was so quiet. I thought he might be on his phone, but he said he was taking it all in. It’s not always easy to amaze a teenager, but I dare say he was that and more. There are several places to pull off along The Parkway and get out to enjoy the scenery. The air is so refreshing which makes it a wonderful place to clear your head and be humbled by the Creator’s artistry. Now, enough with the words, I’ll let these pictures say the rest.

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